Sabine Wren (Valkyrie)

Jul 6, 2005
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Well guys, my days of customizing/collecting figures are coming to a close. What started out as a fun, creative and social hobby has become somewhat disappointing and frustrating. Hasbro's lack of articulation in it's figures and 2 "meh" movies, plus a lack luster toyline for them, has taken so much of this hobby's enjoyment away from me. And the only place to get what few articulated figures there either ebay or Walmart. I've even begun selling off my Star Wars collection. I just don't have that enthusiasm for it--as I once did. Heck, I even got rid of the back drop I used to use for taking pictures of my customs

It was due in part to a customizer known as Bantha5 that in 2005, got me interested in this hobby with his awesome Clone Trooper to Commander Cody kit and Neyo kits ( As well as inspiration from Sith_Fire30 and Glassman6's work. It was they that got me hooked on Rebelscum's forums, checking it out several times a day just to see what awesome and creative work others had to share. Eventually they stopped posting, as well as others I followed. Rebelscum started to "dry up", which lead me to other sites.. like this phenomenal community at the Shipyards. But I'm not as active on here as I wish I could be.

That being said...I've been working on two favored figures for a bit, and they will be my last. Up first is Sabine Wren. Although I'm not a fan of Rebels, I kinda dig the character and design. I made her mostly for my young daughter, hopefully she might appreciate the figure when she gets older.

So without further adieu.. Sabine Wren.

Body: Marauder Inc Valkyrie
Head: Marauder Inc Valkyrie
Chest Armor: Marauder Inc Valkyrie
Helmet: Hasbro Sabine Wren Version 2
Shoulder pads: random figure