Saberkings 4sale list

Jul 18, 2005
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Saberking57 Sale List

Prices do not include shipping, I only except money orders. PM me with what u want, i do negociate and give discounts for multiple items bought.

ROTS loose:

Mon Mothma-no acceries- 2 dollars
BP General Grevius- no saber or gun just cape- 4 dollars
#6 Shocktrooper, both guns but only symbol shoulder pad- 6 dollars PENDING
#47 Meena Tills -complete except base- 5 dollars
#57 Commander Bly- complete- 6 dollars PENDING
#2 Anakin-with just blue saber hand- 2 dollars
#15 Bail Organa- complete except base

SAGA 06 loose:

Han solo- just figure- 3 dollars
Comander Cody- complete except base- 6 dollars PENDING
2x Skrimish yodas- complete- 2 dollars each

Saga 02 loose:

C3po- missing one body covering part- 4 dollars
Sneak peak Zam Wessel- comes just with her rifle - 2 dollars
Kit fisto- just figure- 2 dollars
Pilot Jango- just figure- 2 dollars
Deluxe Jango- comes with just shoulder pads and backpack- 4 dollars

TPM Loose: None have Comchips

#Obiwan- just figure (Dirty)- 2 dollars
#Obiwan- just figure (clean)- 2 dollars
#Watto- No stuff or wings- 1 dollar
#Obiwan Naboo- just figure -2 dollars
#Qui-gon- just Figure- 3 dollar
#2x Ric ole- just figure- 2 dollars each
#Anakin- Just figure- 2 dollars
#Battle Droid- DIRTY VARIATION figure has everything but comchip 6 dollars
#C3p0- Complete- 3 dollars

POTF2 Loose: make me an offer on what u want

Tarkin- just figure
Lando Skiff Guard- just figure
2x Snow Troopers- just figures and backpacks
Luke in X-wing Fighter Pilot Gear- just figure
Jedi Knight Luke- just cloak and figure
Rebel Fleet Trooper- just figure with vest
Yoda- just figure
LUKE SKYWALKER in Stormtrooper Disguise- no helmet or blaster
R5-D4- no missle
2-1B MEDIC DROID- just figure
BIB FORTUNA- just cape and figure
ADMIRAL ACKBAR- just figure
WEEQUAY- just figure
EV-9D9- just figure
LUKE SKYWALKER in Ceremonial Outfit- just figure
Flashback DARTH VADER- just figure
R2-D2 (with Launching Lightsaber)- just R2
TIE FIGHTER PILOT- just figure
SANDTROOPER- has big gun but no backpack
SOTE Leia- complete
SOTE luke- no helmet staff or cape
2x SOTE Xizor- just figure- no cloak

All are loose in great shape with NO sticker damage, I only put a few stickers on some of them. All have all the pieces.

Mace Jedi Starfighter-15 dollars
Po kloons JedI Starfighter- 20 dollars
Obi wans ROTS JedI Starfighter- 15 dollars
Obiwans AOTC Starfighter- 15 dollars