RS Props Snowtrooper Commander Lineage Helmet

Aug 18, 2017
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I saw there hasn't been much discussion since they announced this the other day. I have been a passionate Snowtrooper enthusiast for many years now and the fact that they're able to even do this is nothing short of a miracle. I have been told numerous times, even by one head of the Prop Store, that the original commander helmet no longer exist. While part of me wants to believe that, I cannot entirely though simply due to the fact that quite a few helmets thought to be long gone have randomly turned up in the hands of private collectors or families w/ direct ties to those who've worked on the films. That being said, while I'll be surprised to see the one and only screen used commander helmet turn up, I wouldn't be "surprised" at the end of the day. With regards to what RS acquired- I knew that a casting of this piece existed in private hands per a really old convention presentation where it was pictured. I won't speculate publicly who I believed owned it, but knew it was around, which to me seems likely originated or is somehow associated with the current mold.

Looking at what RS has now- What they have acquired is a mold that derived from the master sculpt of the snowtrooper helmet in clay as shown below, but I'm not sure if it's 1st or 2nd gen. For the production of ESB, they did not make separate sculpts for each one, rather, as if it was not already obvious from looking at the previous unfinished production helmet RS acquired a few years ago, is the simple fact that the faceplate that makes up the hard-cowl of the Commander style was simply cut off below the "nose" portion. Rob explains this in their video about, citing how the components from their first production snowtrooper helmet matched up perfectly to their casting from this mold.




What's nice about this is that while it was amazing to have the unfinished production made snowtrooper helmet they have been producing replicas from, they now have a copy of the master sculpt from which all the helmets came from. It does not get any better than that to be honest, and is unbelievable to me. I hope that folks interested in these replicas appreciate how absurdly insane this is to be happening. I would highly suggest anyone in the collecting circle to look into adding this to their collection when they become available.

So Yea, I'm pretty excited for this
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