ROTS MiNitures, Loose POTF2, POTJ, SAGA figures, ECt

Nov 18, 2012
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Star Wars vintage
C3PO Removeable limbs $8
Jawa complete $15
Obi Wan complete $15
Star Wars vinyl Figure case $20
ESB Dagobah playset $25
ESB Darth Vader Head case $20
Rotj Luke Jedi figure only c7 $7
Rotj Logray complete $15

1996 Lando Complete $3
1997 Ponda Baba $3
1998 Pruneface complete $3
1998 Yakface $3
1998 Sandtrooper $3
1998 han Solo from jabba 2 pack with blue blaster $5
1998 PoTF2 lobot complete $3
1998 Biggs Darklighter $4
Cinema Scene 3 pack-Obi wan, Dr Evezan, Ponda Baba with base $9
SoTE Boba Fett vs IG88 2 pack $8
1999 Nute Gunray $3
POTJ Tusken Sniper-no gun $2
2002 Saga Kit Fisto Complete $4
2002 Saga Dooku with lightsaber only $3
2002 Saga Clone Trooper Republic Gunship complet $4
2002 Saga Darth Vader Bespin with only lightsaber $3
2003 Saga Imperial Dignitary Klen Blista Vanee $4
30th Comic Pack Vader & Rebel Trooper no lightsaber $5

Star Wars ROTS Minatures NEW sealed mip. Packs and cards opened figures sealed still
#2 Alderran Trooper
#6 Captain Antilles $7
#8 Clone Trooper x 3 $1 each
#9 Clone Trooper x2 $2 each
#10 Clone Trooper Commander x2
#12 Jedi Knight $6
#15 Obi Wan Kenobi Jedi Master $5
#18 Senate Guard
#22 Wookie Berserker x3
#23 Wooki Scout $2
#25 Battle Droid
#26 Battle Droid
#28 Body Guard Droid
#32 General Grevious Supreme Commander
#34 Munn Guard
#36 Nemodian Soilder
#38 Sepratist Commando
#39 Super battle Droid x3
#40 Super Battle Droid
#42 Boba Fett Young Mercanary $6
#44 Devorian Soilder
#45 Gotal Fringer
#46 Human Mercanary
#47 Ikotochi Tech Specialist
#49 Nautolan Soilder
#50 Sly Moore $6
#52 Utapaun Soilder
#53 Utapaun Soldier
#55 Zarak Fringer
#57 Dark Side Adept $6
#60 Royal Guard $4

Star Wars California Lotto Scratchers R2 or Yoda $2 each NEW

GI JOE Loose Foreign Figures
Argentina Sgto Slaughter complete c9 $15
Argentina Sigilo ( quick Kick) complete c8+ $15
Argentina Alado ( Crazylegs) complete $15
Argentina Condor ( Airborne ) complete $25
Argentina Condor ( Airborne ) figure only $8
Argentina Fuego ( Ripcord) c8 bad paint on hands came this way from factory $20
Funskool Storm Shadow no tatoo missing Claw c8 $10
Funskool Mainframe c9 complete $10
Funskool Tunnel Rat c9 complete $12

GI JOE Vintage Vehicle Parts
Also have the Tiger Cat shell 1 broken front wheel peg

Vintage figures
1982 Snake Eyes straight arm 1 broken thumb $15
1986 Iceberg with gun $5
Strato Viper $5
Deep Six V1 with bellows $15
Wild Weasel $10
Hydro Viper cracked elbow, sun damage on back, helmet only $5
1997 Silver Mirage with Duke missing a few pieces $15
1997 Stalker figure only $8
1997 Zap figure only $8

Modern Figures 2000+

2000 Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow missing Snakes sword otherwise complete nice $9
2000 Law & order missing gun & leash, Dusty complete nice $8
2002 General Tomahawk Complete $5
2002 Snow Serpent vs Blowtorch no submachine gun $9
2002 Cobra Commander no harpoon gun vs Snake Eyes no sound gun $8
2003 Bat vs Widescope complete SWAT version $10
2003 Tunnel Rat vs Overkill complete $10
2003 Nunchuk vs Crosshari complete NIGHTFORCE $9
Purple Snake Eyes DVD set complete $30
3 Crimson Guards with removable helmets $10
2 Manimals with fullback cards. Slythor Warwolf $8

modern accessorys 1998+
Destro V3 machine gun
Like Low Light V! gun no hole for bi-pod
Cobra Laser Viper gun blk
98 Cobra Officer machine gun no stock, pistol
02 Cobra Claws sub machine gun graphite
03 Roadblock big gun x2, mission disc rifle, pistol
02 Tomax & Xamot gun blk x2 knife
Agent Faces shot gun x2 pistol x2
03 Zartan shot gun x2
02 Scarlett bow no sound attack tab
02 Baroness gun silver
83 Mjr Bludd gun x4
02 Shipwreck gun with suppersor x4 blk
02 Wild Bill reolver blk
02 Dart pistol x3
02 Wetdown silver harpoon rifle
02 Dr Mindbender scanner
98 Col Berkhov assault rifle
02 Cobra Bat gun x2
02 Neo Viper ak w/baton 1 graphite 1 black
03 Snadviper gun
03 Flint Rifle
03 Televiper gun
01 Low light knife
03 Kamakura sword x2
02 Slice sword gray
03 Snake Eyes sword 1 silver 1 black
00 Storm Shadow sword x2
Scarlett crossbow graphite

1980's and 90's mail away phamplets

Attack of the swamp creature
G.I. joe poster
Menace in the wilderness
Terror on the Tundra
Fangs of Doom
The secret of the dark lagoon
1984 catalog
1985 Catalog
$9 shipped in lower 48 U.S.A. OBO

Lots of the neon colored 90's weapons. please look at pictures
Have a bunch of 90's and 2000+ filecards $2 each unless otherwise marked

Ninja Force
Mega Marines
Gung Ho
Sonic Fighter Road Pig warped $1
Gung Ho $1
Night Creeper Leader $1
EEls heavy creasing $1
Duke 1991
Duke 1992
Roadblock non recalled
Cobra Commander black
Big Bear
Ace battle Coptewr uncut $5

1997-1998 Filecards
Vipers $3
Short Fuse $3
Lady Jaye $3
Torpedo $3
Heavy Duty $3
Thunderwing $3

SpyTroops era $1 per pair

Crosshair & Nunchuk,
Beachhead vs Dr Mindbender,
Flint vs Black Out,
Snake Eyes vs Stormshadow,
Tunnel Rat vs Over Kill,
Wide Scope vs Cobra Bat,
Big Ben vs Cobra Alley Viper.
also have a bunch of singles

Full cardbacks 2000 era
Dusty & Law & Order,
Cobra Commander & Cobra Laser Viper,
Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow,
Whiteout & Big Ben,
Zartan & Shadow Viper

Series 8 Cowgirl x2 just opened $3 each

AWA Jerry Blackwell no singlet $10
LjN Hulk Hogan with title belt c7 belt also has wear
LjN George the Animal Steele c8.5 light paintwear to back of boots & trunks $15
Jake the Snake Roberts c6 with nice Damien snake $20
Ljn Tito Santana purple c7 $6
Ljn Ricky the Dragon Steamboat c8.5 slight paintwear $15
Ljn JYD Junkyard Dog with collar and silver chain c7 $12
LJN Hillbilly Jim with torn hat c8.5 $12

Also have a bunch of loose Hasbros WWF

Simpsons Playmates have alot of loose figures and playset enviorments
Sheri & Teri complete $4
Dr. Hibbert missing stethoscope $3
Uter comp $4
Helen Lovejoy comp $4
Carl comp $4
Rod & todd complete $4
Bleeding Gums Murphy comp $4
Kearny comp $4
Wendell complete $3

90's Xmen and comic book
Trever Fitzroy, Stryfe, Gideon, Wolverine ninja, Moleman, Lady Deathstrike $3 each DC Darkseid figure and cup $4
Toyfare Molten Man with box $40
Toyfare Kitty Pryde $15
Toyfare Wonderman $10

Mork & Mindy- Mork with Spaceship Egg 70's $15


Vintage Joes
1985 Torch gun
1986 Zanzibar gun, hammer, spear
1986 Zandar gun
Zartan mask, backpack, right thigh pad
Sgt Slaughter baton x2
Serpentor knife and cape
87 Mercer backpack
87 Falcon antenna
2012 Slaughter Maurader 7 pack or Drednok 7 pack any figures

Modern Star Wars loose preferred
Hermi odle
Hem Dazon
Fuul Mouadamu
Voolif Monn- clone wars
Miiyoom Onith Cantina Alien
Feltipern Trevagg
Dannik Jerriko Cantina encounter
Kmart Mos Eisley Cantina 3 packs
2008 TRU Legacy Lars Homstead
2007 Animated Boba Fett
2007 Biggs Darklighter non X-Wing one
2007 Umpass Stay
Saga figures
#56 Padame
Pit Droids
c3p0 battle droid
Spirit Anakin young one

Star Wars Legos- Rancor Pit, Jabbas Palace, Death Star, or pretty much any others. Figures or rare pieces, complete or incomplete legos

or open to a trade for Vintage small joes or ROC figures, Star Wars year 2000+ or vintage figures, wrestling figures, Cops, other 80's toys ect...
best way to contact me is

pictures on pphot bucket
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