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Jun 19, 2002
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Your e-mail is not working, it came back as undeliverable from my work and home e-mail addresses.

The Vintage Carded Droids R2 I won from you last Tuesday did NOT come today. I paid you immediately, and haven't received the same customer service from you. Since you said it shipped Priority, it should have arrived 4 days ago.

The disturbing part is you have NOT e-mailed me the Delivery Confirmation OR Insurance Numbers I
asked for, and I've asked three times! Please do so ASAP.

I'm am NOT a happy customer at the moment. Besides the fact that the package was supposedly shipped Priority Mail w/Delivery Confirmation and
Insurance and hasn't arrived after seven days, you have not responded to my last 3 e-mails, or answered my requests for the Delivery Confirmation info.

I believe you to be credible, b/c I've read your posts on Rebelscum, or I never would have bid on the auction.

Please come through for me, send me this info so I can follow up with the post office.

I never would have made this public, but I already feel like you may be cheating me, and now your e-mail doesn't work. Not a good combo.


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