RIP Kevin Conroy

Sep 16, 2011
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I just got home from a very grueling day of work to discover the very sad news of the passing of Kevin Conroy.

As a child of the 80s and 90s, Batman was an integral part of my growth. Some of my earliest memories revolve around the caped crusader, and he's walked in my life's shadow ever since. My friends frequently give me Batman-themed gifts, shoot Batman-themed photos my way with "thought of you" commentary, or simply associate me with Batman, which is either flattering or slightly embarrassing... but a burden I'm willing to bear. Hah! I went out of my way to ensure I got into The Dark Knight Rises. I refused to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I've had numerous articles published on the Dark Knights' exploits and mythos. I have a collection of comics and merchandise topping four digits. But one aspect of my admiration has stood the test of time.

I have always said Batman: The Animated Series is the best interpretation of the character outside of comics themselves. In fact, I'm often quoted as saying it's my favorite television show, period! It released during a very pivotal time in my development and the impact was like no other. I could yarn on all day about the show. I will forever hold to that opinion. I vividly recall watching the first syndicated episode, "On Leather Wings" (yes, I'm that guy who is obsessed to the point of remembering almost every episode title); the animation was so avant-garde and the themes so deeply mature and psychological that airings of the show became a literal family viewing experience in my household. With my mother and father in tow, they appreciated it as much, if not more, and anticipated the next episode as much as I. It gets better with age! It sincerely aged like a fine wine, was brilliantly portrayed in the timelessness of art-deco and noir settings to avoid datedness, and clearly targeted a more adult audience under the guise of children's programming. Shirley Walker's real symphonic score haunts me to this very day; I'm still humming the Joker's jovial tune day by day. This wasn't merely a kids' superhero cartoon. This was so much more. This was something different. This was something special. This was art!

And then there was the voicework. Words cannot do justice to what Kevin Conroy did as and for Batman. He's synonymous with the icon. When I read Batman comics, when an entire generation imagines his voice, they hear Kevin Conroy behind the cowl. He is darkness! He is the night! He Batman! Always and forever...

Feb 21, 2009
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Queens, NY
I was not born yet when 89 came out and way too young to see Returns when that came out. I have often said Phantasm was the first Batman movie I saw in the theatres to be responded with "what?". Then when I say it's animated I'll be met with snide remarks, truly your loss people.

Literally having flashbacks now to a 5 year of me having my Mom base her schedule around me having to view this show at like 5 pm I think it was on weekdays on Fox lmao. Yeah to think we had to once work schedules around media and it wasn't at our beckon call at any given moment. Instant gratification gets to peoples heads, totally different subject.

I really want to fire up the 360 now and replay the Arkham games.

Thank you for your talent and the joy you brought to so many people.

R.I.P. Kevin, The Dark Knight himself and fellow Irishman...
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