'Revan' short story

Feb 27, 2012
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[h=3]'Revan' Short Story - Part 1[/h]

I wrote a short fan fiction story which portrays my image of what hapened to Revan after the Foundry encounter. I just refuse to believe that he died there. Tell me what you think and if you like it. If you do like it, I have more chapters in store. Keep in mind that this short fan fic is still very much work in progress... an early draft shall we say. ;)

DISCLAIMER: Before you read this, I strongly suggest that you make sure you are familiar with Revan’s tale - this short story is strongly linked with it (this includes: ‘Revan’ novel by Drew Karpyshyn and the following games created by BioWare studio: Knights of The Old Republic along with Star Wars: The Old Republic).

May contain some spoilers!



- We are closing in on Tython. Estimated arrival in 20 minutes. - Said shuttle’s pilot through the comlink.

Revan looked through the vehicle’s window and saw that they were about to enter atmosphere of nearby planet in the deep core - Tython. While Revan visited countless worlds in his life, he did not previously had a chance to set foot on Tython. He wasn’t even aware of the planet’s existence - or rather considered it a myth. He only knew it by name because when he was studying the jedi archives as a very young padawan, he managed to find certain old scripts that hinted on Tython’s location. He remembered that according to his sources, Tython was an ancient planet from which the original jedi order originated. First force users and philosophers studied the mysteries of the force on this very planet. Revan also remembered something about the Force Wars, one of the first conflicts between the light and dark. He could not recall anything else - no wonder, after all well over three hundred years passed since he was a young padawan...

- We were given permission to land in the Jedi Temple’s hangar sir. Master Satele Shan just signaled me that the welcoming party is already awaiting you. - Pilot contacted Revan once again.

Rain of memories stroke Revan’s mind as he heard well known surname - Shan. He started to wonder if it was possible, that this jedi master’s name was same as Bastila’s - the love of his life. Over three centuries ago Revan sacrificed everything in order to stop what he considered the greatest threat to the Republic and all life in the galaxy. His sacrifice required him to leave his wife Bastila Shan and their young child Vaner behind. He only saw his son once, on the holo recording given to him just before he was betrayed, defeated and imprisoned. Before he had more time to ponder about all this, ship’s doors started to pop wide open. After few seconds, when doors fully opened, he saw four figures standing in front of the ship, about 30 meters away from him - three males and one female, all in familiar jedi robes.

He stepped forward and left shuttle’s ramp. All four jedi started to approach him and when they closed in distance between him and them, jedi female spoke:

- Greetings master Revan. I am Satele Shan, Grand Master of the Jedi Order. I believe we have much to share and discuss - I am not even sure how it is possible that we are speaking right now, given the fact that according to all our records related to your person, you are supposingly almost three and a half hundred years old, meaning you should be long dead.

Revan was speechless after he saw Satele Shan, her resemblance to Bastila was remarkable - she had same tone, same voice and almost identical look as Bastila. When Revan heard her and saw her speaking, he felt as if he saw Bastila herself. There was something special about her, she had the same gift as Bastila. Now he was certain that his earlier conclusions about Satele’s surname were correct.

- I… I know how strange and hard it must be for you… not only you but me personally as well. - Satele broke the awkward silence.

- To answer your question, I believe that you are indeed my ancestor. - She continued.

- One of my grandfathers was named Vaner Shan, still well known today by many historians and respected by many politicians - for them, he is a inspiration, an idol. He did many great things for people. He was a supreme chancellor of the Republic, one of the best it had - he died about two hundred years ago. From what I managed to learn, he was master Bastila’s son

- Thank you for telling me this, you have no idea how much more I want to hear about Vaner and Bastila. It was the thoughts about them that kept me going when the Emperor ravaged my mind over centuries. If it weren't for those thoughts, I fear I would succumb... to him. I wanted Vaner and Bastila to be able to live peacefully and wait out the horrors of unavoidable war… Still, I believe that I owe you few explanations as well and time is of the essence given our situation and war that is about to wage. Peace is hanging on balance and it will not last long. I knew consequences of my sacrifice and I can’t change the past – what’s done is done, I will never meet neither Bastila nor Vaner again and nothing will bring them back. If we waste any time now, my sacrifice will be for nothing… - Revan interrupted.

- I was imprisoned by the Sith Emperor three centuries ago. - He continued:

- I learned a lot as his prisoner, centuries of knowledge. I will share everything I can with you and then I will end this blasted war and the Sith Empire, forever.



They walked through the temple’s halls and after few minutes approached massive doors leading to the main chamber, which Revan assumed was the Jedi Council’s meeting place. On their way, all knights, padawans and masters alike looked over their shoulder - from what Satele told him, Revan was considered as a hero and legend. Not what he would have wanted, given the things he did. Unfortunately, part of tale that focused on his exploits and crimes was often forgotten by historians. Long time ago during the Jedi Civil War and his reign as a Dark Lord of the Sith he nearly destroyed the Republic and that nearly destroyed him. When the jedi returned him to the light, his memory was shattered. It took him years to track and confront the Emperor again. He tried to end him, but he was betrayed and defeated. His companions were murdered, and Revan locked away in stasis that kept him alive for three centuries. For all this time, the Emperor tried to find out Revan’s secrets, buried deep within his mind. When Revan was under the Emperor’s influence and became his pawn sent to wound the Republic, he was tasked with uncovering artifacts of ancient race called Rakata - 20,000 years ago, Rakata were the race that controlled all known galaxy and formed the Infinite Empire. All other races were their slaves, including infamous pureblood sith. Emperor underestimated the potential of Rakata technology and it’s weapons - they were powerful enough to exterminate civilizations, including Republic or the Empire. If one of sides would manage to get its hands on Rakata technology, tide of war would significantly turn in its favor.

- The whole council gathered on my request, they are awaiting us inside. Master Oteg believed that you could end war and safe countless lives, I hope he was right. He gave away his life to assure your freedom. - Master Satele spoke.

- I am aware of devastating casualties and all men lost for my freedom. I can promise you that I will do all I can so that their sacrifice is not in vain. - Revan answered.

- I am sure you will, I can ask you for nothing more. - She answered.

Chamber’s doors opened and they approached other eight members of the council, all siting in one of their circular shaped chairs. Satele and other remaining three masters took their seats while Revan standed in the middle of the room. He began to speak:

- Welcome masters, from what master Satele told me you were brought up to speed and are all aware of who I am. There is no time to waste so I will share everything I learned about the Emperor and Sith Emire and speak of what must be done in order to stop both.

- Three centuries ago, shortly after the Jedi Civil War I was still regaining my memories. - He continued.

- I sensed that something threatened the Republic, I just did not knew what it was. I departed alone into the Unknown Regions. After years of search, I managed to track the Sith Empire and the Emperor. I found out that his real name is Lord Vitiate. I began my search on planet called Nathema, originally known as Medriaas. The planet was stripped of all life and force itself. Emperor, as a mere newly appointed lord at a time, gathered together all other remaining Sith Lords and performed ritual that exterminated all life on planet and as a result made himself immortal. I know it’s hard to imagine and you would have to visit this world yourself in order to understand the extent of damage the Emperor can do. His thirst for bloodshed and immortality does not end on one planet though. He wants to do the same with whole life in the galaxy, starting with Republic. On Nathema I was captured by two Sith but they did not work with the Emperor, in fact they plotted against him. I was held captive for years until I was freed by jedi called Meetra Surik, she was exiled by council long time ago after the Mandalorian Wars - I believe that she is the entity that contacted Master Oteg through force in the first place. We made a mistake and allied ourselves with one of the Sith that captured me. His name was Lord Scourge…

- Did you just say “Lord Scourge”? He is the Emperor’s Wrath or rather was - recently he allied himself with Master Orgus Din’s apprentice claiming that he wants to stop the Emperor and secure peace between Republic and Empire. He proved his loyalty and as we speak is plotting to strike directly at The Emperor… - One of the masters interrupted Revan.

- You have to warn that jedi! Scourge cannot be trusted! - Revan shouted.

- We will do it immediately, it is possible that you just saved this jedi’s life. Thank you. - One of masters stood up and run out of chamber’s room. Revan continued:

- Scourge killed Meetra by stabbing her in the back and tides turned against me. I did not manage to defeat the Emperor and he imprisoned me, kept me alive with sith alchemy. Used me. He saw opportunity to gain advantage over republic - he wanted to use me as his link to the light side of the force. He wanted to know his enemy’s moves… your moves. Through me, he saw visions. But that same link also gave me influence. While he was scanning my mind, believing that link worked only one way, I was in his mind to, fighting him. My attempt on killing him angered him and he felt uncertain. I planted seedes of doubt in his mind. He was afraid that the Republic could prove to be superior to the Empire and that he would lose war once again. He planned and calculated all possible scenarios that would help him accomplish his ultimate goal of wiping out entire life in the galaxy. I bought the Republic time it needed to recover from its weakend state. after the Jedi Civil War. For three centuries he waited, hoping that I would reveal the location of a place called the Foundry. In the wrong hands… in the Emperor’s hands it would exterminate Republic and grant him unconditional victory and control over the galaxy. Now that I am free, I will use the Foundry to save the galaxy.

- What is this "Foundry"? Some kind of weapon? - Asked one of the masters.

- It is a massive battle station capable of producing infinite army, army of extremely efficient assassination killer droids. The empire will stand no chance against it and will be completely destroyed, along with the Emperor. He knows this thus we have to act fast before he has time to interfere. He was most likely informed by now that I managed to escape from Taral V and is already planning to recapture or eliminate me as we speak… - Revan answered.

- Wait, I hope you are aware that the Empire is run by fear and propaganda. Many of its citizens would actually prefer to align themselves with the Republic. We just have to cripple Empire military - with no military, Empire will have no choice but to surrender. - Satele interrupted, worried by Revan’s usage of phrase: “completely destroyed”. She knew his troublesome past and while she wanted to believe that darkness whithin him is completely gone, something inside her told her differently.

- I am aware of the Empire’s policies and this is far from true. The Empire would not achieve what it did without fanatical devotion of its citizens. Long time ago, before I confronted the Emperor for the first time before the Jedi Civil War, I infiltrated Dromund Kass. I learned a lot about the Empire - while I agree that slave races are innocents that can be saved, they only account for a small fraction of imperial population. All sith have to be eliminated if we want to win this war and secure peace in the galaxy. - Revan said, confronting Satele’s concerns.

- Just… just trust me and let me do what is necessary. - He finally added.

For few seconds, no one spoke a word - there was a complete silence inside council chamber. Satele exchanged looks with other masters and then after thinking about everything she heard, spoke:

- Very well, we will aid you however we can. Republic fleet and military will escort you to the Foundry and secure it. I will also appoint Jedi Knights that will accompany you. - I just hope and pray to the force that you are right and that we are making correct choice by using the Foundry - it seems that it is a same tool of destruction as the Star Forge. And we both know all too well, especially you, that Star Forge did not bring any good to the Republic. Some weapons of mass destruction are just not meant to be used, no matter how desperate the situation is.

- I fear that we will need any help we can get if we want to defeat the Sith Empire. - Revan answered. - If we will not use this opportunity now, we may regret it later. I am certain that we are making a right choice. There is no time to waste, tell the Republic fleet to set course under these coordinates



Republic fleet wasted no time and immediately gathered in order to prepare for securing the Foundry. It would not last long before Imperial Intelligence would spot Republic’s moves. That is why almost the entire Republic army was mobilized - within few hours hundreds of star destroyers, battle cruisers and other types of military ships gathered. After about eight hours, the whole Republic armada was ready, awaiting orders. Revan was on Telos’s bridge, accompanied by republic command including the fleet admiral, along with jedi masters. Tensions were growing high as Republic fleet was preparing to jump into coordinates of the Foundry’s location, given by Revan.

- Stand by. We are about to jump to lightspeed. - Said admiral standing next to Revan.

Few seconds passed and whole fleet changed its location within one moment. When they went out of lightspeed, Revan instantly spotted asteroid of enormous size - but it was no ordinary asteroid. Massive battle station was built into it, along with what looked like defense turrets of alien technology. Suddenly, admiral’s holo communicator sounded twice. He answered it and small holo figure said:

- We are receiving transmission coming from this place sir. Should I put it through?

- Do it. - Revan interrupted.

- Do as the jedi says. - Admiral ordered.

Strange droid materialized before them on holo communicator.

- Statement: I am HK-47, my master’s most faithful ally. Once a mere assassin droid, it is now my burden and joy to command the Foundry’s mechanical armies. You are the first meatbags that visited this place in last three hundred years. Turn back right now or you will be slaughtered.

- HK! - Revan shouted.

- Confusion: Oh, is that really you master? Either I am malfunctioning and I imagine in my core seeing you alive or that is really you. If droids can feel joy, that is what I am feeling right now. - HK-47 answered when Revan shouted, immediately recognizing his master.

- How is this possible! What are you doing in the Foundry?! - Revan asked, fully taken by surprise.

- Clarification: I do not know if you know this, but for certain time I served this rather annoying friend of yours called Meetra Surik. I helped her defeat few meatbags that considered themselves the Dark Lords of the Sith, the Sith Triumvirate. While I enjoyed it, she had that strange moral compass, almost the same as one you developed when we fought your apprentice, the original meatbag – Malak. For me, you always will be the only true Dark Lord of The Sith master.

- Later, I was exposed to rather traumatic experience. - HK continued. - Meetra placed me in the Jedi Temple on Courscant - I believe she just wanted to get rid of me. I could not just leave you master - I managed to escape and started to search for you in the deep space. I failed, and for that I am ashamed and sorry master. I decided that the best course of action would be to secure this place you once told me about - The Foundry. For three hundred years I was overlooking the Foundry’s production line and waited loyally, hoping you would return. And now finally you came back! Please tell me you have someone you wish killed master! Your infinite army is awaiting your orders, steadily growing in numbers.

- You have no idea how glad I am to see you HK, but I am afraid that those ‘meatbags’ you killed were not our true enemy. Real Sith Empire returned and it is now threatening very existence of Republic and the whole galaxy. We have to stop it and I am in your need more than ever. I am about to board The Foundry, than we will speak openly. Make sure your droids do no harm to any of our allies.

- As you wish master. I will do anything you command. Even if it means… being *gulp* non-violent. - HK-47 answered, with certain frustration in his voice.


Republic forces started to secure the Foundry. Troopers and Jedi inspected droids and started to search for ancient battle station’s any defense leaks. Revan walked through the Foundry’s halls looking at Rakata architecture. Alien advanced technology always impressed and amazed him, awakening his thirst for knowledge. Revan approached what looked like control room and saw HK turned away, working at certain panel. After few moments he finally said:

- You waited loyally for three hundred years… I am speechless. I do not know if you will like this, but you probably saved countless lives by doing so. No, you saved the galaxy. Without you, Empire would won war and Emperor would be free to do whatever he wanted. Now, we need to kill our enemies – all sith without any exceptions need to be killed.

- Observation: I believe this includes 99.7% of imperial population. Any organics with sith ancestry will be slaughtered. - HK-47 stated.

- I know, I am afraid we have no choice. Initiate all droids HK. - Revan answered.

- Mockery: Oh, with pleasure master! I am looking forward to slaying our enemies planet by planet. - Said HK-47, with joy overtaking him.

Suddenly, ancient alarms started to pop all over the complex. HK approached control panel.

- Query: I believe that our enemies came to us by themselves. It seems that the Foundry was infiltrated by one of those Republic ships you ordered me not to attack.

- It’s impossible. We are on Republic’s side and they know it - we have their full support - Revan said.

- Disclosure: If that is the case, my theory is that Republic’s defenses were somehow compromised and our enemies used their ship to infiltrate this station. - HK concluded.

Revan’s comlink sounded. He answered it and Republic general’s voice said:

- Sir! We were just attacked by whole Imperial fleet. We also believe that one of our ships was captured shortly before the attack. It seems that the Empire strike squad used it to compromise your defenses.

- Oh, incompetence of those meatbags is driving me crazy! - Said HK, while reloading his blaster rifle.

- Do not worry general. We will handle it. Order your ships to stay out of Imperial fleet’s range - just keep your distance from their ships. We will annihilate them with this battle station’s defenses. Revan out.

- Set the Foundry defenses to target and destroy all imperial ships. - Revan continued, speaking to HK.

- As you command Master. What about this sith meatbag strike squad?

- I’ll leave them to you. Use all methods necessary to eliminate them. I need to sort my mind and meditate, ask force for guidance - a lot has happened in those last few hours since I escaped The Maelstorm. - Revan said, thinking about all events that recently occurred. He was still in shock after three centuries long stasis and did not fully regained his senses and strength. The Emperor leeched on his power and severely weakened him.

- Statement: Their bones will make excellent trophies to commenerate my return to assassination... I recommend you go to the inner sanctum - it seems that this place is somehow related to this thing called “force” you like to talk about. From what I found out, twenty thousand years ago meatbag leaders that created this place used inner sanctum to observe whole battlefield and command their forces. - HK said.

- Then Inner sanctum it is, but first I will go talk to our intruders. - Revan said, walking away.



Revan was intrigued by invaders that infiltrated the Foundry. Empire sent barely four men to retake whole battle station full of most efficient killer droids in the whole galaxy. They did not stand a chance to succeed yet they were so determined to stop him. What surprised Revan even more was the fact, that when he communicated with one of the four, this man wanted to negotiate and work for peace. Revan did not knew if he truly meant it or if it was some dirty sith trick - he could not afford to take any chances, stakes were too high. It did not mater - he thought, they were probably already dead after HK thrown every resource at his disposal to get rid of them.

Revan was trying to sort his mind and analyze all recent events. He could still hear the Emperor’s voice echoing in his mind, haunting him. He fought it for so long, he did not knew how much more he would have managed to resist. It was a miracle that those Republic heroes managed to free him from The Mealstorm Nebula prison. Now he saw images from just before his stasis – Meetra stabbed in the back by Scourge – her lifeless body slipping onto the floor. Seconds later, lightning bolts coming from the Emperor’s very hands striking at Revan’s face and scaring him for live. Enough! - he thought. He needed to focus on present, not the past. How come everything went so smoothly. He was one of the best tacticians and strategists during his time and it just did not make any sense to him – how could the Emperor let him be freed so easily after everything he did, countless resources he spent on his best kept secret for centuries - mysterious jedi master no one but only a handful in the galaxy knew about.

Before he had more time to think, inner sanctum’s massive gates spread wide open. Four men approached Revan with their weapons ready to be used. Their intentions were obvious – they wanted to kill Revan or stop him from activating the Foundry against the Empire. Either way, this he could not allow.


- There was a time, a moment, when my destiny wasn’t certain. That moment is gone! I’ve saved the Republic twice before, I’ve fought Mandalores and armies of the Dark Side! You won’t stop me! – Revan shouted, confronting his attackers.


They were to powerful.

Revan was exchanging hits with the best swordsman he ever fought - from what he managed to find out about his enemy during their short conversation, he was a newly appointed Emperor’s Wrath. What happened to Scourge? Did he truly betray the Emperor? Did he stroke Meetra out of his best intensions? Revan threw his thoughts away, he needed to focus on the battle.

The Emperor’s Wrath used aggressive ataru form and overwhelmed Revan with his physical strength. Few hits would prove lethal for Revan if he would not enter defensive soresu form stance.

Just as he barely managed to parry his opponent’s strikes, force lightning almost burned him alive – in the last moment he moved his hand to stop dreadful attack coming from Darth Nox. While the Emperor’s Wrath constantly stroke at Revan with deadly series of close combat attacks, Nox scanned Revan’s defensive form for any signs of weakness only to strike at the perfect moment and deliver the killing blow with the use of force - he was a master of dark arts.

Revan focused and channeled force push to throw his opponents into the abyss of the inner sanctum. They only tripped over and swiftly charged towards him once more.

He was exhausted and wounded. He needed to grab opportunity now or it would not be long before he would be dead.

He wanted to attack one of them while they were vulnerable but before he could enter more aggressive Shien form, flames coming from the Champion’s of the Great Hunt flame thrower almost killed him, followed by sniper fire aimed with deadly precision that he miraculously managed to dodge. Revan did not have time to absorb all the flames as they trapped him in theirs cone - he could feel extreme, painful heat that formed burns on his left side. Imperial agent shortly after firing from his rifle, threw a knife that struck Revan in his chest - red mark of blood appeared on upper part of Revan’s robes.

Now Revan understood why Empire sent these barely four men to stop him. They were the Emperor’s finest. Revan did not stand a chance against them, definitely not against all of them at once – together they were unstoppable force. He knew he was about to die.

He saw face of Meetra again. She was crying. The moment he gazed at her, he realized something. And then, he saw darkness taking him.



- Awake

Revan heard a familiar whisper inside his head. He immediately spread his eyes wide open. He found himself lying on hard rock. He could feel blood sipping from the end of his head. When he tried to move his hand to stop the bleeding, he felt strong pain in his ribs – they were probably broken. He softly screamed when sensed agonizing pain in all bones of his chest. He realized that his wounds were very serious and that he would remain immobilized for some time. He focused and started to gather force to aid him and give him strength he needed. He could feel the healing process taking its shape, but it would still take some time until he would be able to move by himself again.

After reawakening shock, Revan tried to figure out how he got where he was right now in the first place. Blurry images started to pop out in his head. Last thing he remembered was confronting Sith Empire strike squad that consisted of four men – Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter. Everything happened so swiftly since he was released from his three centuries long imprisonment that he needed to slowly sort things out in his head. Fortunately, feeling of massive amounts of information overflowing his mind was all too familiar to him.

Suddenly, Revan heard the well-known whisper once more. After few split seconds passed, Jedi Entity force ghost materialized before him. It was hard to spot it, impossible for non force user. Communicating with force ghost required extreme focus and mastery of the force. Force ghost represented a young, beautiful and tall woman with moderate blond hair – Meetra Surik, history remembered her as the Exile.

- I feared that you would be devastated after the Emperor ravaged your mind over centuries. Still, I hoped you could fully resist his influence and stop him. I was wrong, forgive me.

- I did resist him and I gave him nothing. I am proof that the dark side can be resisted. I would stop him if it were not for those blind pawns sent to the Foundry to stop me! – Revan shouted, with anger overtaking him.

- But at what cost? Listen to yourself. You should be thankful to those heroes, if they did not stop you, you would do something that would completely destroy you, devastate who you are and who you were. You would not become any better than the Emperor himself. Wiping out entire species? We are talking about genocide! Think of all the innocents that you wanted to kill. I did not wanted you stop the Emperor by making the same mistakes as during the Mandalorian wars!

- Everything that the Emperor built must be destroyed! I was doing this to save lives, not for thirst for immortality and bloodshed like him. I would mourn for the dead and do what I must

And suddenly something stroke Revan. He understood what Meetra was trying to say to him all this time. He remembered his last words before he regained his conscious: In the end, as the darkness takes me I am nothing. Now I know how you felt, my friend. He considered the ones who stopped him as the blind pawns who followed mindless path of nothing but darkness and evil. Now he knew, that he was the one who became pawn and lost his way. It became clear to him just as he was about to fall – he realized that the same darkness that controlled his old friend Alek, or rather Malak during his demise so long ago, now took control over himself once again. He was possessed by it already once, before jedi destroyed and rebuilt him and before his redemption as a prodigal knight. Savior, conqueror, villain – he was all those things over and over.

- I am… I don’t know what to say. I am sorry... Impact that the Emperor had on me is far greater than I thought. Now I can see that. - Revan muttered.

- That is why I helped you when you were about to die and saved you. While you were close to doing exactly what the Emperor wanted you to do, you found your way. You still have part to play as the savior. Without you, the Emperor cannot be stopped and the galaxy will suffer forever. Force always strives for balance, it is inevitable that the champions of light will emerge to defeat being of such darkness as the Emperor. You are one of those champions and you need to make the first move once again.

- But how am I to stop him? We tried it before and you know all too well how it ended. I was… we were betrayed one time to many. – Revan said to the Exile.

- Wiping out Sith Empire is not the way. If we do this, we will make same mistake as our ancestors, one and half thousands years ago during the Great Hyperspace War. Think of the heroes that stopped you – they are the key. Republic cannot stop the Emperor by fighting his Empire. It’s wrong approach that will always end with failure. We need to turn the Empire against the Emperor – despite what some may think, there are many within the sith ranks that follow the light path… you met some of them already as they prevented you from completing the Emperor’s plans.

- Why do you think emperor released you in the first place? – She continued - He knew he would not be able to break your will… completely. He lost his patience and was desperate. He made you think you resisted him and allowed your escape thus staging it. You would lead him straightly to the foundry and at the same time using it to fulfill the first part of his plan of wiping out entire life in the galaxy. He needs to sacrifice trillions in order to fuel the ancient ritual of sith sorcery that will... that will consume this entire galaxy.

Revan wrapped hands around his head. He was slowly analyzing in his mind everything Meetra said to him. The Emperor manipulated him all this time and he did not even thought about it. How blind he was.

- Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s a miracle that you resisted him for so long in the first place. The important thing is that you are yourself again. Also, without you, Sith Empire would wage war on the Republic hundreds of years earlier. You tempered the Emperor’s hate while both of your minds were linked together, convinced him that peace was in his best interest.

- How… how is that possible that I am still alive? How did you manage to save me from this certain death on the Foundry? – Revan asked, still confused how he ended up where he was standing right now.

- Kreia once said to me: “Looking at Revan was like staring into the heart of the force”. You saved yourself - I only helped you realize you still had important part to play. It was not your destiny to die there.

Now Revan remembered exactly what happened. When he saw darkness overtaking him and realized his flaws with Jedi Exile’s force ghost guidance and help, he bend space and instantly teleported himself with the use of force. Fold space or rather force teleport was very rare ability known by few, but because of Revan’s thirst for knowledge, there were not many things he did not knew about the force and it’s uses.

- My role in this world is over. I can help you no longer, now you must walk your own path. Always remember who you are.

Faint figure of Meetra disappeared from Revan’s sight as she finally became one with the force.

- Thank you again my old friend. I will not make the same mistake twice. I will not fail you again...

He stood up after realizing that his wounds were almost fully healed by now. Revan knew what he needed to do – he had to retake the Foundry and destroy it in order to prevent the Emperor’s plans. It did not matter in which hands it would end up – either way it would only bring death and destruction, as it was the same creation of darkness as the Star Forge. Still, he knew he needed allies in order to save the galaxy. He needed to make contact with both champions of the Republic who freed him from Taral V prison and champions of Sith Empire that released him from the Emperor’s chains and showed him clarity along with another path.

He moved up his head and looked upon stars of Malachor V, then shouted:

- I am Revan reborn, man no longer under your influence. I followed the path of both dark and light and embraced their power. I am neither sith nor jedi. Before me you are nothing and I will stop you… we, the galaxy, the force will stop you – this I swear.



Everyone thought he was dead. With the Foundry captured by the Empire and republic fleet annihilated, many lost hope. It seemed that jedi were already losing the war. When Revan was freed and the Foundry claimed, defenders of republic - both soldiers and jedi, started to regain courage and hope for victory. Later, that hope was crushed. Many feared what Emperor was planning to do with his newly gained Infinite Army.

Fortunately for the Republic, civil war broke out. Darth Malgus The Betrayer, member of the Dark Council rebelled against rule of the Emperor and declared himself as a leader of a new empire to the empire’s public on the holonet. He claimed the Foundry and stealth armada obtained by the Empire during the battle of Ilum. He wanted to strengthen the Empire by alien alliances and temper it by tolerance. Frankly, he did not realize that in the process he would give Republic the time it needed to heal.

Revan heard about all this very recently. If it were not for the Empire’s civil war, he feared what would have happened to the Republic. With stealth armada and the Foundry, united empire would be unbeatable and Coruscant would probably be obliterated.

While the Empire was busy fighting it’s civil war, he was planning and strategizing. Republic was weakened and he needed to help it prepare. There was a lot of work to do. The Emperor was still the biggest danger to every living being in the galaxy. Revan reminded himself of what Meetra told him - Sith Empire was not the real threat. He needed to defeat the Emperor, but fighting his Empire was not the way. War was serving as a distraction to the Emperor’s ultimate goal. But how can I get to the Emperor without waging war against the Empire? - he asked himself.

Revan was about to meet with the jedi that very recently confronted the Emperor and managed to severely weaken, almost kill him. When he heard about this knight, he immediately contacted him via distress call. Revan needed allies if he wanted to kill the Emperor and this man was more than he could have wished for.

Hooded man of moderate height entered the room. He was accompanied by someone Revan knew all too well…

Lord Scourge. Revan could not stand being with him in the same room. Killer of his most trusted ally, and best friend. He did not even think before acting upon his emotions.

Before anyone could say anything, Revan lightened the hilt of his saber. Purple glow illuminated dark room as he leaped towards Scourge. In his defense, sith lord quickly entered defensive form and grabbed his lightsaber’s hilt - red and purple laser beams crossed.

- Stop this! Both of you! Can’t you see that while we are fighting, the Emperor is growing in strength! Revan, you are fighting wrong enemy!- Jedi shouted, using force to push away both Revan and Scourge.

- Do you know who this is?! He killed hundreds if not more in the Emperor’s name! No matter what, we can’t trust this man! – Revan said, moving his hand to choke Scourge.

- We share same goals Revan. *hrgh* When I saw vision of our burned corpses lying dead at the Emperor’s feet I did not have a choice! I needed to sacrifice you and Surik if we ever wanted to stop this madman’s plans! You know this! – Gasped Scourge, holding his throat.

- You could not know what would have happened. I told you those visions could be altered, they were far from certain! – Revan said, even more strongly pressing on Scourge.

- When we faced him… *argh* I saw countless visions – thousands of different possible endings. But not even one portrayed our triumph over the Emperor... We did not stand a chance back then! - Scourge answered, barely breathing.

Revan let go of his hatred. Scourge fell to the ground, rapidly catching his breath.

- I know that cooperation with Scourge will not be easy for you, it took time before I could trust him myself… - Knight continued:

- …but if we want to even hope to have a slim chance of stopping the Emperor, we need all the allies we can get. I faced him, I faced the Emperor severely weakened. Even so vulnerable, he proofed to be extremely dangerous and powerful. His life spans millennia, legions have risen to face him – he is a threat to every living being in this galaxy. I hoped that I could defeat him, but I did not kill him. I only managed to wound his body. His essence lives on and from what we managed to learn, he is regaining his strength. Only this time, he will unleash his full power and wrath… Scourge felt it. And if he succeeds, the end will come, consuming everything.

- Do you have any idea how we will stop him? Any plan? - Revan asked.

- Emperor may be immortal but everyone got weaknesses… even him. No one is invincible. - Scourge answered, taking out what looked like an ancient sith holocron.

- She is called: The Entity… - He continued.



Republic was preparing for a full scale assault on Dromund Kass, the capital of Sith Empire - it was crippled after the civil war and the moment to strike at the Emperor was better than ever. It was now or never. Revan spent last few days doing nothing but planning on how to defeat what he considered the greatest threat that ever existed. His death is my responsibility. I will not fail. - He was repeating to himself. The Emperor was death, for him, for everyone, for the galaxy. The final battle was coming, battle that would decide upon the fate of this universe.

Revan wanted to minimize casualties on both sides. He would not make the same mistakes again. He needed allies also on the Empire side, men that understood who the Emperor really was and what he was capable of.

Many within the Empire ranks vowed to join the Republic – slaves, cults and groups of heretics that opposed tyranny of the Emperor. Amongst them were the cryptic Revanites that worshiped what Revan accomplished in his life. They admired him for his mastery and understanding of both dark and light. They wanted to walk his path to greatness - each of them was ‘reborn’.

Assault on Dromund Kass was supposed to only serve as a distraction. With capital under siege, imperial fleet and military would be busy defending the space orbit. While war would wager on, small assault team was supposed to strike at the very heart of the Empire – Dromund Kass Citadel. There, the Emperor was recovering his strength. He was vulnerable now, and this time his reign was about to end.

It took weeks for the Republic fleet to mobilize and prepare for full scale, open war. All military resources were spent on this operation. If Republic would fail, it would be its end. Attacking imperial capital could prove as a risky move – empire had a advantage of bases of operations that would constantly supply their fleet and ground forces with everything required. On top of that, planet itself was also very heavily fortified.

Still, there was no choice. Jedi council trusted Revan’s and its greatest champions judgment. Emperor had to be defeated once and for all. There was no place for apathy. Not this time. Tyran's reign was coming to an end.



They sealed the doors behind them. Hope awakened in Revan’s and others hearts. Their chances of defeating the Emperor were now even higher as the empire’s finest joined them. Meetra was right.

Emperor was about to face over dozen of galaxy’s greatest heroes. Amongst those heroes were now his most trusted servants that turned their back on him. They also realized that the Emperor was danger to everything that ever existed. He needed to be defeated.

The chamber was extremely long. Deep within it’s very end there was a throne turned the other way around. There were strange vessels placed around it that formed a circle. Lifeless bodies were floating inside them – each was connected to the throne itself.

When Scourge was serving as the Emperor’s Wrath for three centuries, he learned a lot about his master. Even more than Revan during his stasis. From certain holocron that seemed to belong to one of the Emperor’s apprentices, he found out about the existence of ancient sith entity made of nothing but pure dark side energy. She was supposedly a love of the Emperor… and his only weakness. She was also the same entity that was imprisoned and used by Darth Baras. Once, long time ago she almost annihilated the jedi order and held galaxy by its throat. Together with the Emperor, she wanted to exterminate all life in the galaxy and eradicate the very force from existence.

Emperor did not like to expose his weaknesses thus access to the sith entity was nearly impossible without necessary skill and knowledge. Fortunately, they knew the ritual and it's summoning process.

Only, the question still remained: how could they use their knowledge about the entity to weaken the Emperor. They were not even certain in what way the entity was connected with Vitiate, but it was their only shot.

Scourge along with the other Sith focused and started to perform the ritual. Suddenly, everyone could feel the unimaginable dark side energy forming inside the chamber. It was unbearable.

They came. They want to kill you. Eradicate them. Kill them all. Ravage their minds. Drain the very essence out of them.

Whispers haunted everybody’s heads. The throne turned itself the other way and pedestal had spun around to face them. Figure in dark robes arose. It was an old man with heavy markings of corruption that suggested strong dark side influence. There was something terrifying about his eyes, they were completely… empty… black. He started to approach the invaders and spoke:

- The circle closes. The end begins. You have wasted your energy killing the weak, my pawns sent to weaken you. There are consequences. You are all a blind insects, contemplating the voice of space. Your striving and effort is insignificant… let your death be the same.

All the vessels exploded and bodies that were contained in them fallen lifelessly onto the floor. Revan could feel the screams of hundreds or even thousands, all force users in the room felt their endless suffering. From nowhere, countless figures of the same hooded man that they recently faced, materialized in front of them and attacked them.

Revan was first to struck one of the Emperor’s clones, but to his surprise, lightsaber did not even damage it.

The entity laughed, along with the Emperor.

Clones constantly appeared from emptiness, overwhelming them. Each time they received a blow that would be lethal to any mortal being, they vanished only to reappear again.

Darth Nox along with the Consular were using force abilities to shield their allies from deadly attacks. The Emperor’s Wrath and the Jedi Knight leaped onto the swarm of clones and began to cut through them like a blade through air.

They were progressing towards the Emperor. He was holding his hands with faint figure - the dark side entity, completely ignoring the ongoing battle. She had blank eyes, as empty as the Emperor himself and long, crystal hair.

Soon my love. Soon there will be nothing left in this galaxy, only us.

- Beyond these stars exist other galaxies, other worlds, other beings. We will experience or ignore them as we wish. We will spend eternity becoming everything: a farmers, an artists, a simple people. When the last living thing in the universe finally dies, we will enjoy peace and wait for the cycle to begin again. - Vitiate spoke.

- It started! He is performing the ritual that will consume all life in the galaxy! We have to stop him! – Scourge shouted, realizing what was going on.

And then, the force screamed. It was dying, life was slowly sipping away from the galaxy.

Out of nowhere, another entity appeared. Only there was something different about it. Revan immediately felt it’s presence and knew who she was.

Light illuminated from her and she started to channel the light side of the force against the dark side entity.

It’s over. You must be stopped! I won't let you do this’ – Jedi entity shouted.

Your spirit, as diseased as it is, refuses to allow you to give up, no matter what threats you face exile. What is it you think you have accomplished? If you seek to aid everyone that suffers in the galaxy, you will only weaken yourself … and weaken them. – Voice of dark entity echoed through the chamber.

There is more death in this galaxy then you can imagine, we must strip all life away from it. – Dark side entity continued. - Can't you see, galaxy slowly devours everything around it by its endless, unavoidable conflict. It is already dead, the question is how many it will kill before it falls.

Revan ignored all clones around him and ran in the Emperor’s direction, charging directly at him. His lightsaber met its target, going straight trough the Emperor’s body.

His wound healed in seconds and was replaced by dark matter. He turned around and faced Revan, moving his hands towards him.

Revan instantly attempted to shield his mind and subconscious against the Emperor’s influence – he had few tricks up his sleeve after their last two confrontations. Lord Vitiate’s eyes filled with a swirling red mist. The Emperor gave glimpse of his true self to everyone present in the chamber. They saw visions of endless hunger and unspeakable horror of billions being eaten up alive. Dark side conjuring terrors they did not even think of in their worst nightmares. There was nothing, only the total annihilation, the unbearable void. All races extinct in matters of seconds. Heroes collapsed, shaking like children. They cried out loud in anguish as the Emperor’s mind brushed against theirs, attempting to control them and devour their very essence.

Lightning storm consumed the entire chamber, burning everyone inside it. They fell on the ground, struck by the Emperor’s unimaginable power. In moments, everyone would be dead.

They were vanquished.

And at this moment, the dark side entity looked at dying Revan. She saw a boy that she once trained and treated him as her own son. She reminded herself of the moment when she found him in the outer rim. Master Arren! – she heared young Revan’s voice inside her head. Arren Kae, she had long forgotten this name. She was a historian once, gathering the relics of the Jedi, learning the ancient mysteries. Always, there were more questions.

- Is that really what you want Kreia?! He will kill him! – Jedi exile’s force ghost asked desperately. - I know you! You do not hate the life, you hate the force! End this, it is still not to late!

She looked at the exile - Meetra was devastated by what she saw. The life in the galaxy was about to fade away and there was nothing she could do.

Surik looked back and saw tears falling from Kreia’s eyes.

- You were right exile. It is such a quiet thing, to fall. You do not even realize when it happens

The dark side entity moved towards the Emperor and channeled her full power against him.

The Emperor screamed. The only being he ever cared about just stabbed him in the back. For the first time in his millenia long life, he felt the human emotion of... sadness.

He was dying, the entity sacrificed her very essence to deliver the killing blow to the Emperor.

- My ascendance is inevitable, the day, a year, a millennium it matters not. I hold the patience of stone and the will of stars. – Emperor spoke, with voice that sounded as if thousands screamed at the same time.

- If I must die, I chose how. Everything dies with me. - And then, he has fallen.

Something was not right. The Emperor seemed beaten and his body lifelessly fell, but for some reason everyone could still feel as he was stealing life away from the galaxy.

- He is unleashing his full power against the entire galaxy! His essence can’t be destroyed! We must do something! – Scourge panicked, realizing that there was nothing they could do.

There must always be Darth Traya and there must always be, The Emperor.

The weight of such a burden – it must be mine. Revan did not even think a second longer. He stood up and with all his remaining strength used an ability that he learned about when he was the Emperor’s prisoner for three hundred years.

He attempted to capture the Emperor’s soul. He opened up his mind and allowed himself to be possessed.

For split seconds, there was a complete silence.

And then, his eyes turned black and were filled with nothing but an empty void. With last bits of his unshakable, free will, he jumped into the abyss

His ultimate sacrifice just saved the entire galaxy.

And there, in the endless, never ending darkness he would combat the Emperor's influence. He did it before, for three centuries. As long as he was strong enough to oppose him, the galaxy was safe.


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