Revamping the Action Fleet line FROM SCRATCH

Jun 1, 2001
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Obviously I'm as disappointed in Hasbro's b@stardization of the once venerable Action Fleet line as the next collector. To me, if you're bothering to take over an entire product line, you'd better be making improvements instead of watering it down. Episode I was just the tip of the iceberg compared to what Hasbro had planned for Episode II. I shudder to think what they'll do by the time Episode III comes around (empty boxes maybe?).

The core consumer base has been effectively eroded and the line needs a good shot in the arm. Time to play Action Fleet Product Manager! Here's what I have in mind:

- all vehicles will be resculpted to be as movie-accurate as possible in 1/72 scale

- Deluxe vehicles would include lights, possibly sound, as well as exclusive figures

- figures will also be sold separately in a wide variety of themed Battle Pack-style assortments

- Playsets will be modular, lending themselves to sprawling or towering dioramas capable of showcasing the vehicles and figures

I know a lot of this sounds awfully familiar to those who collected the Galoob line. But my biggest change would be a common scale. That limits the number of $10 X-wing sized vehicles, but also gives the line more variety (a 4" Escape Pod vs. a 24" Millennium Falcon). Capital ships like the Star Destroyer would be done in an even smaller scale, allowing these to still compliment each other AND allow more $10-$15 pricepoint vehicles.

Am I warm yet?
Feb 22, 2001
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So far the only thing I have seen hasbro do right with AF line this year was one particular case that had 3 Falcons instead of two.

Do I get an award for "least amount of silver lining"?

If it was up to me, I would:

Keep reissues to a smaller portion of the case assortments, and concentrate on the harder to find ones.

1)Bring Back the Battle Packs- WITH MORE THAN ONE OR TWO FIGURES!!!!! EPII had an abundance of many small scale type vehicles (Commerce Guild Spider Droid (The mosquito looking one), Hail Fire Droid, Coruscant speeders, Geonosian Defense Fighter) and creatures that could be done as well (Arena Beast Pack, Aiwha)

2) More vehicles per assortment, more per case, and different packing ratios. No ship should be limited to strictly one to a case, but some (say, Commerce Guild cruiser, Techno Union Warship, or even the medical frigate from ESB) wouldn't necessarily be in high demand with kids. The Last wave of EPI ships were hard enough to find, but the AAT and Droid Control ship being relegated to one to a case is ridiculous!

3) How about a Fan choice once in a while?

I would like to see some deluxe ships (perhaps for the AT-AT or Falcon), and even some playsets (if they want to reissue a classic mold, try the Micro Collection Death Star World from "82- perfect scale for AF figures!) I personally don't care for electronics, especially if buttons compromise the appearance (collectors fleet anyone?)

I love action fleet!!!! I would not have become such a fanatic with out that line! I can't help but feeling like Hasbro will shoot itself in the Foot again flooding the market with resculpts and blame us for not being interested. I can only pray the prodution numbers for anything previously released are low so that retailers won't be afraid to buy again.


Yes!!! Thank you, MisterPL! The lack of detail and scale has always been my biggest disappointment with the line. With all the detail and features they are packing in figures now, surely the 1" X-Wings and B-Wings could have movable wings.

To make it easier to get a uniform box size, the ships could be grouped together in sets. The larger ones like the Nebulon B could be shipped in two pieces and permanently snapped together if/when opened. I can imagine the window box packaging of a Nebulon B with a Falcon docked and a B-wing and A-Wing...

I compiled this list a while ago. Just imagine:

Droid Starfighter, 3.6 m
A-Wing, 6.3 m
TIE Bomber, 7.8 m
Jedi Starfighter, 8.0 m
Desert Skiff, 9.5 m
TIE Interceptor, 9.6 m
Naboo Starfighter, 11.0 m
Z-95 Headhunter, 11.8 m
Republic Attack Gunship, 12.0 m
X-Wing, 12.5 m
Y-Wing, 16.0 m
B-Wing, 16.9 m
Lambda Shuttle, 20.0 m
YT-2400 (Outrider), 21.0 m
Firespray (Slave 1), 21.5 m
Maccrow Frieghter (Moldy Crow), 23.5 m
Skipray Blastboat, 25.0 m
Sith Infiltrator, 26.5 m
YT-1300 (Millenium Falcon), 26.7 m
Sandcrawler, 37.0 m
YV-666 (Hound’s Tooth), 53.5 m
Naboo Royal Starship, 78.0 m
Rebel Transport, 90.0 m
Naboo Royal Cruiser, 91.0 m
Republic Cruiser (Radiant VII), 115.0 m
Corruscant Frieghter, 123.5 m
Correlian Corvette, 150.0 m
Nebulon B Frigate, 300.0 m
Carrack Cruiser, 350.0 m
Trade Federation Landing Ship, 370.0 m
Interdictor Cruiser, 600.0 m
Star Destroyer, Victory Class, 900.0 m
Mon Calmari Cruiser, MC 80, 1200.0 m
Mon Calmari Cruiser, MC 90, 1255.0 m
Star Destroyer, Imperator Class, 1606.0 m
Trade Federation Control Ship, 3170.0 m
Star Destroyer, Executor Class, 16500.0 m
Star Destroyer, Eclipse Class, 17500.0 m

Since a 145-foot Eclipse isn't exactly marketable, any thoughts on what compromises to make in scale? 1" X-Wing, 3" Falcon, 2' Nebulon B, and 4' Star Destroyer?