Reflection on 2021 and Collecting Goals for 2022

Jul 24, 2011
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Dec 17, 2013
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I have been saying this for years but I've finally started my addition. My office and workshop. Should have been finished by now however materials and labor are unicorns right now. I didn't reach my display goal however chances are high for next year.

I did manage to build up a nice 8x10 Star Wars autographs collection though.

Last year's goals. Missing case and red bar R5

Yes, got my red bar R5 And my Missing vinyl case

This year---Display, enjoy, relax
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Jul 24, 2011
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2020 was a surprisingly good year for me.
I drastically downsized my production and preproduction collection, in order to pick up a few very special items (a micro 4-up, blue harvest hard copy, Jawa coin etching plates, and a photo art piece). Goal wise, 2020 was an epic fail. I was too busy downsizing.

Goals for 2020:
-get some acrylic cases and get a couple of 2d items framed I DID GET A FEW ACRYLIC CASES
-finish my TK armor and join the 501st DIDNT'T HAPPEN
-finish my collecting room (need to put up two mini shelves) ROOM IS JUST ABOUT COMPLETE! (STILL NEED TO GET TWO ITEMS FRAMED AND HUNG ON THE WALL)
-take time to enjoy my collection DONE
2021 was surprisingly another great year for me. It started off really slow, but this fall I sold a the majority of my boxed/sealed production collection, modern prototypes, and a few proofs. I picked up some grails: 2x 4-ups, a few proofs, a vintage painted HC (never thought this would happen), and a pair of coin dies. My room is much less cluttered, but I appreciate what I have even more.

Goals for 2022:
-complete Palitoy Death Star playset
-acrylic cases for my last few items
-find a protomold/1st shot Bondo
-Bondo and/or Morag silver coins
-sit back and enjoy my collection

I hope everyone has fun and safe holiday season! Hope you all find a little bit of vintage Star Wars under the tree!!
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Jun 30, 2014
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East Coast US
Is it Reflection Time already !? Time sure flies when you never leave your house!

So my Goals for 2021 haven't really changed much:
1. Sell things to pay for rare posters (and autographs)
2. continue to be social both in person and virtually
I knocked both these goals out of the park!

I bought a lot of great items almost all of them autographs and almost all the posters I bought were also autographed. I bought several signed artists proof posters and a couple of signed Jung, Hildebrandt and Alvin posters. I also acquired signed Mcquarrie and Cantwell prints. On the non-poster front, bought many really nice 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20 multi autographed pieces.
Sadly, on the figure side I think I only bought 1 action figure this year: a complete as mint as you can get loose Meccano original Luc with complete saber.

While stuck inside all the time due to the pandemic, I've been connecting more and more to other collectors virtually. I have several long running group chats with other collectors and I regularly attend a couple of different virtual meetups each month with collectors from all over the country. I feel more connected to "the community" than I have before the lockdowns.

For 2022 I think I'll keep doing what I'm doing:

1. Try for at least one rare poster
2. Get amazing autographs
3. continue to be social both in person and virtually
Apr 29, 2020
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Northern California
Goal for 2021: Collect enough stuff I don't yet have to keep myself happy and engaged, all-the-while walking the tight-rope of not angering the wife. LOL. Looking into expanding more into vehicles/playsets maybe. Long term goal is a complete (or mostly complete) Death Star on the cheap.

Well 50/50 for me. I did pick up a few figs/accessories that I didn't previously have. I did NOT anger the wife, so that's a success in itself. Didn't find a Death Star this year, but eh. Someday.

For 2022: Get more figures I don't own. Find an A-wing pilot or Imp. Dignitary (yep, on the cheap). Maybe an vehicle or playset. Maybe find a small collection to buy (yard sale, etc,)...
Oct 8, 2019
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Goals for 2021:

✅ Try to fill in the last missing coins I need for my POTF coin collection.

Started out slow on the coin front, but ended soooo strong. Added Luke Dagobah, Boba Fett POTF and Boba Fett Droids, Creatures and Millenium Falcon

Add an AFA 85 Trilogo Boba Fett

Added a UKG 85. Very pleased with my purchase.

✅ Bonus!

Decided to get an extra graded TW Boba Fett (with correct blaster) and extra graded A-Wing Pilot to have a complete run of Droids figures.

Goals for 2022:

1. Continue to hack away on the last POTF coins I need. 13 to go.

2. I’m in the finishing stages of building a new house and will have an office space where I will build a museum quality display for my loose collection that I started in 1978. I’ve been dreaming of this for so long and it’s almost here.

3. Possibly add an AFA 85 hollow cheeks Tusken Raider if it doesn’t break the bank.

4. Enjoy other people’s collections, not just my own.
Apr 4, 2002
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My goals:
Get new display cabinets and get my loose set out of a storage bin. They have been in there way to long, going on 4 years since I moved houses. Completed, got 2 new cabinets and a desk for storage.

Also as I'm setting up the loose set, double check to make sure no repros have slipped by.

Acquire a real vinyl cape Jawa.
Did not get this one.

Upgrade my Blue Snaggletooth to a nice one with nice boots.
Did not get this one.

Continue on with trying to get the last 17 Carded.
Progress Made, I now have 10 of the last 17.

Goals for 2022:
Acquire a real vinyl cape Jawa.
Upgrade my Blue Snaggletooth to a nice one with nice boots.
Continue on with trying to get the last 17 Carded.
New goal for 2022:
Acquire 12 backs and 21 backs and tri logos. I have 4 12 backs, 2 21 backs and 3 tri logos.
Aug 6, 2003
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Speaking of Jawa capes, I'm still looking for a fabric cape for mine - anyone have a spare for trade?

I'll be trying to secure more loose Kenner figures for my collection (especially the ones I had as a kid as priority), alongside some Retro releases that I initially passed on. I will continue to buy TVC as well, but I'd really like to cut back on modern. I'm thinking about slowly purging some of those figures from previous years that fall outside of the movies. I was a big EU fan years ago, but now, they don't do much for me, and I've stopped buying new releases from video games, etc. I'd really like to halt the expansion, as I don't want the collection to take up anymore of my space. I figure if I purge a bit, that'll make room for the new acquisitions and keep it balanced.


Jul 30, 2000
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Wow, is it the end of the year already?

Here's my goals from last December and notes about how things went:

Complete the Gentle Giant mini-cardback collection (three cards to go) - Zero progress with this one

Try and pick up at least one of the last 13 Toltoys cardbacks that I need. - Managed to locate 4 of the 13 so now down to 9 remaining

Acquire the last two POTF cardbacks I need - Zero progress with this one

Acquire the last three unpainted Micro Collection figures I need. - Secured one figure, only two to go including the virtually impossible Bespin Guard :(

Work on improving some of my displays for particular items - Really didn't achieve much here, I still don't have more space!

Determine whether I should sell my production Micro Collection items as I don't think I'll ever have enough room to display them properly. - Still debating this one!
Apr 20, 2015
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Let's see last year was:

Get rid of almost all my old toys and accept that it's not my childhood, it's just stuff, and I'll have to get rid of it someday no matter what. Rejoice in the fact that I have small children, and their Star Wars toys are now the star of the show.

I did that. Unfortunately the most sentimental items for me are also the most expensive collector's items so I didn't make as much as I could've. Had to find other ways to fund my goals.

Use the money to make a killer Micro Collection exhibit in my newly finished basement, with 4-Ups, squeezings, unreleased items, and probably some 2D prints ordered from Kim Simmons.

The display is in my dining room, not my basement. My finished basement has a bunch of display cases crammed fill of gaming miniatures I've painted, though. The Hoth Ion Cannon was settled on as a focus and I've acquired a sign-off sample, engineering pilot, presentation slide, a 4-Up, squeezing, unpainted figures, chromed test-paint tauntaun, and several fake 4-ups for assorted Micro playsets. I have 5 of the 10 unreleased figures and a nearly complete unpainted set of the 71 released figures, though, since they have nothing to do with the ion cannon, they are a low priority. I got a baggie of Kenner fake snow as a gift from Kim Simmons (though haven't ordered any prints yet). I've also managed to pickup a mailer box and sealed bag of Build Your Armies figs.

I also picked up a Death Star Compactor sign-off sample but that's probably just gonna be future trade bait. And I finally trekked down to Micro Rob's to see his collection.

So that's reflection on 2021. Goals for 2022:

Add more IKEA display shelves to the house somewhere.

Get more 4-ups and squeezings. Obviously tauntaun 4-ups are my highest priority but a second would be anything Ion Cannon, especially Leia, then Build Your Armies 4-ups and squeezings.
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Mar 19, 2002
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Well I wasn’t even collecting this time last year, and had no idea where the urge/bug was going to take me in 2021 but it was a rabbit hole that’s for sure. SW carded, boxed and dolls are definitely my focus this go around. The double racer logo is packaging perfection. That being said I did pick up three AFA graded dolls this year, Han, Luke and Leia, so even though that makes a perfect little subset, I’d like to add some more in 2022. Also picked up 4 12 back A‘s this year (three SKU’s and one white footer) so that’s going to be the main focus/centrepiece of the collection. I’m also praying Book of Boba Fett doesn’t let me down. His appearance on December 4th, 2020 on Mandalorian is what resuscitated my dormant SW gene after a dozen years, so I’m counting a lot on the series to be very, very good.

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Feb 21, 2012
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NW Washington State
2021 Goals
1. ☑Display my collection in our new home
2. Add figures,vehicles, and playsets (boxes are a great bonus) to move towards completing my collection
  • Tusken Raider (hollow tubes)
  • ☑Open belly tauntaun
  • ☑Dianoga

  • ☑Slave I
  • ☑Tie Fighter (white)
  • ☑Tie Fighter (battle damaged)
  • ☑Tie Interceptor
  • ☑Darth Vader Tie Fighter
  • ☑X-Wing (Battle Damaged)
  • ☑B-Wing
  • A-Wing
  • Skiff
  • Jawa Sandcrawler
Play sets
  • Creature Cantina
  • ☑Death Star Space Station
  • ☑Dagobah Action Playset
  • Turret and Probot
  • ☑Imperial Attack Base
  • ☑Ewok Village
3.☑ Start a small online toy store through acquisitions, restoration and trading- Jedi Temple Toys on eBay, Mercari and Facebook

4. Find boxes for my loose vehicles and monsters.
Boxes needed
  • Rancor
  • Tauntaun
  • Dewback
  • Wampa
  • Jabba The Hut
  • Speeder Bike
  • White X-Wing
  • Y-Wing
  • Rebel Armored Snowspeeder
  • Cloud Car
  • Landspeeder
5. get survival items... ☑Luke training backpack, ☑Luke grappling hook , ☑backpacks, ☑gas masks for my rebel transport.
6. Get Kenner mini catalogs I’m missing most, I only have the empire one with Luke on the front.
-(added Star Wars mini-catalog with tie and xwing)
7. ☑Sell of my remaining 12 modern figures
8. ☑Falcon radar dish
2021- was a great year as you can see from all the check marks above!

2022 Goals
🔵 Tusken Raider (hollow tubes)

🔵 POTF Skiff
🔵 Sandcrawler

Play sets:
🔵 Creature Cantina
🔵 Turret and Probot
🔵 Rebel Command Center
🔵 Ice Planet Hoth
🔵 Land of Jawas
🔵 Cloud City Playset

Kenner mini catalogs
🔵 ESB Hoth
🔵 ROTJ Jabba
🔵 ROTJ Royal Guards
Mar 15, 2021
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Gonzales, La
I did finish my Ewoks...23 figures that I know of
Completed my Ewok Battle Wagon, Village, Combat Glider and Catapult.

Looking to finish my carded Die Cast set...Slave 1, Snowspeeder and Twin Pod Cloud Car
Finish my Last 17 figures..6 to go
Complete my Ewok Village and Battle diorama. I am creating a couple of one of a kind items for these.
12in IG-88

I am sure there will be other things I will try to add through out 2022
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Mar 8, 2002
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Northern Virginia
Goals for 2021:

1. Collect more Bootlegs. Landed some cool Zuckuss and Jawa bootlegs.
2. Have fun or sell everything. Still here.
3. Land more Keshi Jawas. White one on the way..
4. Similar to last year, part with more of my modern prototypes. No good sales so far.
5. Venture into a Con if possible. No shows for 2021.
6. See more of my collecting friends. Yes, hell yes and **** yes.
7. Expand my Jawa Two-Pack run. No luck on this one.

Goals for 2022:

1. Land more cool Bootlegs.
2. Let Karma takes it course on collecting.
3. More Keshi Jawas please
4. Pare down my modern Prototypes.
5. Venture out more..
6. Embrace my new hobby and love life.
7. Expect the unexpected..