Reflection on 2018 and collecting goals for 2019

Jul 24, 2011
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Hello fellow scummers,

It is once again time for our annual tradition to look back and reflect on your 2018 collecting goals and to set new goals for 2019. If you can't remember your goals for 2018, you can find them here: Feel free to cut and paste your 2015 goals, or just make new ones if you didn't post any last year.

How did you do this year? What are your plans for 2019?
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Jul 24, 2011
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2017 was a slow year for me, but I did pick up a few unexpected gems. I found a SW D poster, got a Jawa 65C proof, and started a run of loose "last 17 figures".

My Goals for 2018:
-MISB ROTJ Falcon, ESB Rebel Transport, and A-WING
-Get 2-3 more "last 17" loose figures (I currently have 5)
-ROTJ Revenge poster
-2-3 more POTF coins (I currently have 20)
-Find that elusive Leia Organa 21 back proof card needed to complete my run
-Save up some cash for Celebration 2019
-Enjoy my collection in it's current state
2018 was a good year for me. I got an AFA80 A-Wing, traded for a ROTJ Greedo proof that I had long given up on acquiring, and am down to just 4 needed figures for my "last 17" run. I also completed my Wonder Bread SW card collection.

Goals for 2019:
-Get a couple more "Last 17" loose figures (need 4)
-add a couple more POTF coins to my frame
-find any Boushh proof or POTF Death Star Droid proof (probably only a pipedream at this point)
-MISB/MIB Rebel Transport or Chewbacca Bandolier
-Enjoy Celebration 2019 and continue to enjoy my collection in it's current state

I'm happy to still be involved in the hobby and am grateful for all of my friends. Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!!
Jan 30, 2013
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2018 - Looking for
Proofs: Bib Fortuna, Snowtrooper, ERG or Leia Endor.
Uzay: Blue Stars or IG
Foreign: Snowtrooper items and ERG lili ledy, also loose LL Bib.
Trilogo: ERG and Bib meccano

I also have some awesome Trades ;-)

I'm ok with getting nothing, but if you know of any of these, hit me up.
Also trying to meet up with as many as possible.
Well I got the Uzay Blue stars and Imperial Gunner + 2 Snowtrooper proofs, which I'm very very happy with. Did not expect that.

Goals - 2019:
(I dont know if I can call it goals. It's more a wish list at this point)

ESB and RvOTJ - Snowtrooper proof
POTF Yak proof

Oh... and Bib ROTJ and POTF proof (help me Randy!)
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Feb 23, 2018
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Feeling Hoth Hoth Hoth
Cool idea! I wasn't here in 2017 to give my 2018 list, but I can certainly reflect on 2018 and give my list for 2019.

2018 was an awesome year for me in collecting. After taking about a 6 year hiatus from the hobby, I got back into full swing last December, my collection quadrupled in size, and I was able to add some really great pieces. Have had lots of fun adventures involving tracking down elusive collections as they've come up for sale. I've especially enjoyed connecting with a ton of other collectors this year and learning about so many new details about vintage collecting that it has only be fuel to my collecting fire. Some of my favorite additions from this past year have been:

- Closed Belly Tauntaun MIB w/ inserts, reigns and saddle sealed in a baggie (I am yet to find anyone with another baggie example, let me know if you have info!)
- Cobot - Coca Cola exclusive radio controlled R2 unit - MIB w/ all the trimmings and trappings
- MOC ESB CCP 48 Back - offerless front, unpunched (already sold it though to make room for the last thing on this list)
- Imperial Dignitary that I picked up in a bunch of 20 figures for $20! No nose rub!!!
- Minty R2 w/ pop up saber - Loose, but miiiiinnnty!

For 2019 I've got some large goals, by my standards anyways. And hey!!! There's still a few weeks left in 2018 to maybe add something crazy, but here's my list:

-Finish my loose figure run (I've still got several last 17 to go including Yak Face, but I'm positioning myself to pick him up next, go big or go home)
-I realized that the only mint ANH vehicles I have are the speeder and falcon, so I'm going to find some nice ones with nice boxes, in particular Vader's Tie and an X-wing.
-Open Belly Tauntaun with nice box and inserts (this one is really a must for me, its the last "creature" I need for my creature run)
-A nice ESB case w/ Wampa in the corner
-AT-AT chin guns and ESB box to finish that thing off once and for all
-Needing to pick up a couple more minty minis with boxes and inserts (if I can add one or two I'll feel accomplished)

I can go on with things I want and I know I'll pick things up outside this list, but these are the goals I'd primarily love to check off. It's definitely hard to stay focused on the goals when there is still so many side avenues to explore within the hobby, however I'm determined to maintain discipline and cross these primary things off next year.
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Sep 5, 2011
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2018 was great, squeezed raw data from almost a decade ago into the database and started on finding those Q items, proofs and more. Feels good to get rid of risky taped/sealed AFA graded items or high grade AFA MOCs that will eventually go yellow, brittle and plastic degrading. Also continued to add publications to my SW vintage Resource Library.

for 2019-
1- Continue work on my data base

2- more proof cards, box flats, cromalins

3- more AFA grading of vintage times qualified for the Q grade

4-more cardbacks, card back market will emerge as an important part of SW vintage collecting in the next up-cycle

5- Continue to support SW vintage book projects while building my personal SW vintage Resource Library.
Nov 3, 2012
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United States

1. Continue to consolidate the collection. Still have a number of items that need a new home.

2. Finish my first 12 upgrade project. I have a very nice set of complete loose figures but have spent a lot of time meticulously upgrading the first 12. 8 down, 4 to go. Should have this easily completed in 2018.

3. Book my Celebration 2019 trip (fingers crossed for Orlando, but Anaheim will work)

4. Make a topic-worthy basement/loft/childhood/blackhole collection find

5. Give back to a community that has given me so much. I'm not entirely sure what this entails but I'll know what that is when the opportunity presents itself... If that makes any sense.

1. Achieved.
2. Missed. Still need to upgrade 2.
3. Achieved. And thrilled it's Chicago - Hyatt McCormick anyone? B)
4. Achieved. Failed to post about it though... Scored an awesome (and very reasonably priced) 100+ piece loose/complete childhood collection, from what had to have been, a very meticulous kid that kept the figures on display with weapons. Just about every figure was card fresh. This was a Craigslist special.
5. Missed - See 2019 goal #3


1. Finish my first 12 upgrade project.
2. Enjoy every second of Celebration Chicago. Connect with some old friends, while making some new.
3. Lend Marketing support! If someone needs help with design/ideation regarding Celebration Chicago... Could be an extra hand while event planning, swag concepts, graphic design (Adobe Creative Suit), print, etc... I can certainly help. Drop me a PM to discuss.
4. Add an ROTJ proof card to the collection, any character.
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Mar 23, 2016
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My goal for 2018 was the Sail Barrage. Placed the Pre-Order, told the wife, she okayed it and then later told her, it was a few days from either being a thing that was a go or not at that point she demanded I cancel it. Not the first time that has happened. As for 2018, I have been adding to my vintage loose collection. I have given up on carded figures unless I am at a con and they are $15 to $20. Got an ROTJ Ben that way. I have been working hard on a complete Jabba's palace and almost there. I even found an Ewok village for $10. So, its been a very successful year.

1. Complete Jabba's Palace/Aliens-Jawa, Rancor and 8D8, Snaggletooth Blue.

2. Finish the rest of the Vintage collection: B-Wing pilot, A-Wing Pilot, Bespin Black Guard, Death Star Droir and C-3PO Removable.

3. Book the Disney Vacation to see Star Wars Land.

4. Skiff. Any this point any Skiff is good enough

5. Better Displays. I have them on plastic industrial stands. I feel like a book case set up or one of those IKEA displays is a better idea.

6. Death Star Playset. I had a lead on one, but lost in via ebay.

7. Marquette. I have the animated Marquette and they were dirt cheap for awhile, but now they have spiked up. So, I am looking for the Fett with Carbonite Han which I had on pre-ordered then above. Now, its $400 to $500. I also want the Emperor and Yoda.

8. Cons. I would like to do a podcast at one of the Cons on the subject of Where Star Wars should have ended. Maybe a panel discussion and Q&A for the Podcast.

9. Meet Mark Hamill or any of the OT cast. Had a chance at NYCC and didn't want to pay the $325, I am hoping that goes down. I missed Carrie the year before and regretted a month later. I have meet Billy and Peter, but I would like to meet more of the cast.

10. Meet more collectors. I am finding it hard to find Star Wars fans in my area that are collectors. Most are fans, but none of them are hardcore which is somewhat a help, but its hard to get into discussions about it. I need a toy hunting buddy.
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Aug 13, 2009
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Thanks for starting this up Kenner76

Was an interesting year, like the poster I had a few additions over a vast array of items, all for my ROTJ focus collection.

- Boxflats - Scout Walker Endor, Biker Scout Pistol, Rancor
- ROTJ Proofs - Imperial Commander, Leia Endor, Han Trenchcoat, Leia Original
- Proof Sheet - One Man Sail Skiff

With the focus being on the Jedi line and having collected for a while not much comes up that I need or in the case of the last few years, things I can afford. So being able to add this many in a non-Celebration year was really big!

2019 Goals
Continue to work on the ROTJ Preproduction run, Proofs, Cromalins, Boxflats, Proof Sheets and unique first shot items from the series.

Mar 9, 2014
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This year went great! I started collecting again after a hiatus. I completed my loose run again after selling off most of my collection a few years ago. I purchased a great DT Vader.

Goals for 2019: Finish the work on my collection room (basement office).


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Dec 17, 2013
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I had more of a wait and see approach as far as collecting goal went for 2018. I actually didn't buy anything till July and then the flood gates opened.

Ended up with buying some sealed figures and boxed items. Mailers and Mocs.

It started when Ian listed a bunch of his items and I bought his C3po baggie.Then I ended up on a spending spree.

Bossk, Anikan, Emperor, Ackbar, Nunb Boba (only inserts and figure no box yet) and Hoth survival kit

Mocs 1 of each release and I'm not going any further with these. Just felt it would be a great add on to my loose complete set.
12 back death squad commander beater card and bubble was opened on top
Esb Atst Commander sealed
Rotj teebo sealed
Potf leia sealed

Boxed items
Hoth playset cardboard atat
Speeder bike

Loose ships
Cloud car

Picked up a few loose figures for display with playsets

1 of my 2 missing cases , esb star wars figure case

Found my missing chin guns for the ATAT, jedi remote for the falcon, and a couple parts for my tatooine skiff

Full set of burger King glasses

Blueprint set

Bought the build your armies micro figures

And started a large paperwork collection with all insert toy catalogs and leaflets

2019 will be looking for more paperwork and the 4-lom mailer, fett mailer box, and possibly going for the hoth micro stuff.
Still haven't bought a B wing, damaged tie or tie interceptor. Still need 1 rail and 2 legs for my skiff. Also need one more vinyl case to complete the case collection. Luckily it's a common case, esb with wampa.

We will see.
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Jun 30, 2014
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East Coast US
Thanks for taking up the mantle this year Randy!

Goals for 2018
1. Mint chaykin and mylar advance posters - already have a few leads on these.
2. Test print style C
3. Early bird header (and bin?)
4. Meet more collectors
Achieved 3/4 ... not bad!
1. got them both early in the year from my leads. One from a good friend, the other I found a localish ebay listing and was able to meet the seller in person for hand delivery.
2. I got not one but both versions of the Style C test print
3. I had multiple chances to obtain the early bird header by itself and with a bin and everytime it's been out of my price range...
4. I've certainly taken a larger role in some of the facebook groups , I'm now an admin of the poster group, and I've met so many new collectors both local and from all around the country. I don't think a week goes by when I don't get a random PM from someone asking me a collecting question or a "star wars friend" just wanting to shoot the breeze.

Goals for 2019
1. More test prints. There's one particular very rare test print poster I'm after but wouldn't turn down a few more common ones too. Have to be more selective as I'm running out of room to hang them all.
2. early bird header - 5th times the charm right ?
3. fund my new purchases by selling. I've slowly started to sell things in my collection that don't fit my focus or don't excite me anymore. Let's keep that going I hope even the large purchases above are paid for entirely by sales of other stuff.