Red Eye IG-88 with removed COO

Apr 29, 2020
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Northern California
Hey All,
I recently acquired a couple figures for cheap (like $4-6ea.) after scouring Ebay. I found a replacement IG-88 for my beater and was surprised at what arrived in the envelope. I mainly purchased this guy because I wanted the full leg sculpt version, but found a number of interesting and cool features on this IG-88.

Just wondering if there's a difference in value with the figure that I got since it has:
  • Red paint on his "eyes" (all around the head), not the usual orange
  • Hollow , shorter eye tubes - *edit* Found these are "doubled" eyes looks like they are pressed twice...
  • "Line" on face almost not there on front, pronounced on back
  • Longer "antenna" out of the side of his head
  • Complete right leg sculpt (no missing wiring outer R leg, extra "dot" inside R leg)
  • COO removed - though with a magnifier I can still make out it was a "HONG KONG" COO
  • Harder plastic arms and legs than the "grey"version
IG-88 1.jpgIG-88 2.jpg

As always, any help is appreciated. LMK if this is rare, super common, or just not worth caring about. Thanks for looking!
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