Recreating the '85 Kenner kitbashed figures

Our conversation reminds me of this skit (I recorded this myself off PlutoTV, so sorry about the bad quality). It’s from the 2000s comedy show The Birthday Boys (it was a Kids in the Hall, Mr. Show, SNL kind of thing). How can anyone road trip to antique toy stores or anything anymore when everything is just some antiseptic retailer? Heck, even those are disappearing!

"Antiseptic" brings to mind an excerpt that I read in grade school or middle school... I believe it was from Steinbeck's Travels with Charley... but whatever the source, the author wrote about how the pie in the greasiest spoon diner, exposed on the counter with a fly walking on it, tasted better than any pie under a clear plastic tray cover in any indistinguishable chain restaurant.

I recently got this custom off eBay. I like how Ackbar and Bossk both have forearms allowing for this easy switcheroo. It’s getting harder and harder to find customs on eBay using just Kenner parts.
Nice. I did an Ibtisam custom many years ago, I think I just cut up an X-wing Luke for it, but now I'd be intrigued to see that same deco using a Bossk body.

Though now that I think about it, there must be at least three donor figures for your custom, since his Trandoshan feet are replaced with boots.

Also, I'm pretty sure I've mixed Bossk and Ackbar parts when I bought some SW Hero Masher toys on clearance at Five Below. And like you said, it was the mid-sleeve/exposed forearm design that made it work so well.

The yellow suit on Tulgah's custom Mon Cal also reminds me of the POTF2 Ackbar custom I did after reading that he was once a prisoner 'owned' by Tarkin. I sliced off his rank insignia, chose a yellow spray paint to redo his white admiral duds, and the final touch was painting '24601' on his chest as his prisoner number. Yes, a reference to Jean Valjean from Les Miserables.

Funnily enough, years later this sort of joke occurred in reverse. I bought a prisoner jumpsuit Lex Luthor figure from Batman v. Superman, specifically to turn it into the dancing Hare Krishna acolyte at the end of Ghostbusters. When it arrived from eBay, I chuckled to see that his prisoner number included the digits TK-421.


Btw, I had the pleasure of seeing a comment on social media from singer 'Brute Force' himself, saying that my custom Hare Krishna acolyte was the first action figure he'd ever seen of any role he'd ever played.

That time Brute Force commented on my custom Hare Krishna Acolyte figure of him TWEAKED.jpg

Need to vent...

I've lived at the same location for seventeen or eighteen years now. You guys know, I do a LOT of eBay purchasing.

In all that time, I've never had a package disappear once delivered.

But apparently that happened yesterday.

On the morning of December 10th, I woke up and checked my email alerts for saved search results, and was so ecstatic to find a cheap Buy It Now for an item I'd been seeking for over a year.

Even when the seller messaged me days later to say they hadn't mailed it yet due to a family emergency, I was nonplussed.

Yesterday, I was at work in another city, an hour from home, when I got the email notification it had arrived and been placed "in/at mailbox".

Forgetting my son was at work too, I even messaged him to bring it inside in case it rained. And looked forward the rest of the day to inspecting it when my day was finally done.

I got home approximately ten hours later. No package inside the house. No package in the mailbox, just two Christmas cards. I thought maybe my wife was playing a prank and was just hiding it until Christmas. But that was merely the last desperate shred of hope playing with me. It was quite simply gone.

The only sketchy thing is that lately the city's been installing a new waterline on our street for weeks, right along the curbs, so workers have been right there by our mailbox at all times of day.

Anyway, I've sent a message to the USPS, and I'm still clinging to the hope that maybe it went to the wrong address and could get returned by a good Samaritan. There's a cul-de-sac nearby with a house that is only one digit different from mine. I've had to walk their mail over to them a few times when it got left in my box by mistake.

And if I focus on the positives, it was a package meant just for me, not one of the other recent purchases intended as my sons' Christmas gifts (and today is my oldest son's 25th birthday too). And if it never finds its way to me, it was only slightly over $10 shipped, so I'm not out a bunch of money or anything.

But the feeling of someone possibly taking my package is scary. If it was the workers, okay, they'll be gone eventually. If it was a neighbor though --like the kids who were in my yard late one night some weeks back, and I almost ran them over pulling into my own driveway!-- then there's a sudden feeling of insecurity and vulnerability in what I considered my nice safe home, especially with me working in another city right now.

Anyway, you may wonder, what does this have to do with this thread?

The purchase was a book. The hardback copy with the Kenner prototype pics that I have been seeking.

I was eventually going to do a video when I got it, and also show my in-progress kitbash recreations.

Auction photo:

Plus, you might recall, this was the second time I've ordered this only to be disappointed. The previous one arrived and was the paperback version, which lacks the photos I seek. I kept it, but got a discount from that website for the error.

If anyone knows of someone or someplace selling this specific hardback edition cheap, please let me know.

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Sorry to hear it! I have had false notifications lately where they tell me it was delivered only to have it show up a couple of days later.
Fingers crossed. I did speak to the driver today, who said he thought he remembered putting a book-sized package in the mailbox, but he said he'd keep an eye out for it. Sigh.

I have over 6,000 internet buys in 25 years, and only ONCE did I fail to find something after delivery. I never did find out what happened to it. But I’m pretty happy with a 99.99% success rate. It still sucks, though.
Well, it wasn't as cheap as the one that got porch-pirated, but thanks to an eBay seller accepting my low-ball offer, I do now finally own this book.


Glad I got it for as low as possible, since only one pic appears to be germane to my plan of recreating the '85 Kenner kit-bashed line extension toys.


Factor in the $10 more for the stolen copy, plus the partially refunded paperback copy a website sent me by mistake, and I should've just bought the one I saw two years ago and decreed 'too expensive'. Ironic.

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Thank you for posting the photo of the tandem x-wing.

I have finally got around to start the painting on mine. I still have a few coats of paint to go plus touch ups. But I will post photos here soon of my progress. I accidentally painted a part black that should be grey on the side but I will just use some alcohol later and remove the paint to make it grey again.