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May 10, 2012
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Years ago, I sold off most of my paper pack-ins from different lines, like POTF2 Freeze Frames and POTJ Force Files. But I’ve recently reacquired several Force Files!
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These have so many cool features!
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Seeing that Force File of Porkins (William Hootkins) reminded me I met him and got his Autograph on that POTJ figure card years ago at a convention. I'll have to dig it out now. It cost believe it or not only $10.00 for autographs back then. If you wanted to buy a picture that would be an extra $10.00. I'm sure everyone knows, but he was in some big-time classics, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Batman (1989) Flash Gorgon (1980) and many more. He was also in the final end running for the Dennis Nedry part in Jurassic Park. He also had a strange tie to the Kennedy Assassination, being taught Russian at the age of 15 by Marina Oswald the Wife of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald in their home.
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