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My Marvel Legends Spider-Man No Way Home 3 pk arrived today. Honestly forgot I ordered it until I got the shipping notice last week
Picked up the ML Emma Frost (Ch'od Wave) and Comic Inspired Yondu (Target Exclusive) from Target today. They were both on sale for 50% off, which rang up at $12.49 each.
friend of mine gave me a huge box of Green Lantern figures from the Ryan Reynolds movie and it looks like it's a complete set.
If it's the one from GOTG Vol.3 that you're referring to that also includes Rocket, it's called The Bowie.
that's the one. it's a neat design but I wasn't about to pay the original $39.99 for the ship when it was 1st released as all I wanted was the Rocket Action Figure to complete the GOTG action figures.
Is it the same as the other retro card Spidey, just cell shaded?

My FOMO makes me want this but do I NEED it?
I'm pretty sure the figure itself is just the same,but i'm not sure.I was looking for it at BBTS,holy crap at what they were selling it for.
I'll probably get the rest of these. Pretty cool little figures.


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I picked up the Marvel Legends Elektra Natchios Daredevil and Skrull Queen/Super-Skrull 2-pack today at Target. Both were 70% off, so I walked out with all three figures for under $25.
I grabbed the Venom Space Knight/Mania 2-pack at Target over the weekend, and used the 25% off coupon on it.
Yesterday, got the new Target Exclusive ML Spider-Man (Red/Black Suit-1st Appearance) on the Vintage card.
Today at Target, I found the ML He-Who-Remains on clearance for $12.24 and the DC Multiverse Gold Label Supergirl (DC Rebirth) for $15.99.
From Amazon

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I received the Marvel Legends Avengers: Beyond Earth's Mightiest sets of Hulk/Bruce Banner and Hawkeye w/Sky-Cycle from
I wasn't familiar with this site, but the sets were each 50% off (plus a dollar) and shipped for free. They're still available, if anyone needs them.
The Marvel Legends Marvel Knights wave and Rose and Tarantula from the Retro Spider-Man line all arrived from GameStop on Wednesday.
Scored the Black Adam jet from Amazon for 7.99


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