Rebelscum Rewind - Mingling in Jabba's Palace


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Aug 21, 2021
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I don't think they're going to let us in, Rebelscum! Check out Nick's latest retrospective video where he fills out his new Boba Fett's (Jabba's) Throne Room playset from Hasbro Pulse! There are lots of unsavory characters lurking about in Jabba's Palace, and some of them have had several action figure releases over the years, while others may have only been released once. There are lots of different ways to populate your playset, but this is our preferred way.

Note: Shortly after Nick finished filming this video, he got the notification that his TVC Court Denizens 4-pack had just shipped! So close, but they will be in good company soon enough!

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What do you think Rebelscum? Who is your favorite member of Jabba's court?
Is there anyone that you're still waiting to be released as an action figure?
Let us know below!

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I'd love for Hasbro to tackle the strange creatures in the palace, rather than more standard aliens. My top choice would be Cane Adiss - I made a custom nearly a decade ago, but it would be amazing to see Hasbro's take on the character! If I had this playset, I'd surely place this custom in center stage, rather than a dark corner (like in the movie)!