Rebel Moon

May 9, 2005
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Saw the recent trailer for this show coming to Netflix and have to say despite my feelings on his DC take, I find this world he's creating quite interesting and fantastical looking. I've always thought he was a very visually creative guy but this show might very well surpass anything he's done.
I just watched it. Honestly, I thought it looked pretty good too, or at least interesting.

I read somewhere in the comments that apparently this was actually written as a Star Wars project, but he couldn't get officially into SW, so this new original property was born. I will say that I'm always a bit apprehensive of "new" grand attempts at original sci-fi, as it always tends to tank of late. John Carter, Jupiter Ascending, and Valerian, the City of a Thousand Planets, immediately come to mind, though two of those were adaptations and not truly original. I never saw Valerian, though I always wanted to and will eventually, but Jupiter Ascending was terrible. But once in a blue moon, an original sci-fi movie makes it big. Look at The Fifth Element or Pacific Rim, which had a lot of science-fiction aspects. So it's certainly possible. And then, I mean, there were some that tanked that were great, like, say, Bladerunner 2049, though based on established continuity. My favorite movie of the last ten years is Ex Machina, a hard sci-fi thriller that is very critically acclaimed but somewhat unsung as more of an independent Arthouse flick than one looking for megabucks. I don't really count that, as it's not really the big, bombastic type of sci-fi epic I'm talking about. Dune, a sci-fi epic in the most literal sense, was successful, but what I've noticed is people seem to either love it or think it's utterly boring. I loved it. I cannot wait for the sequel. I love that it's far truer to the book. I often say Dune is to sci-fi what Lord of the Rings is to fantasy, which seems fairly apt in that they even tend to get the same complaints: "It's boring!" :ROFLMAO:

Whether or not it's true that it was originally thought of as a SW story, I have no clue. I haven't researched that claim yet. I could see it, though. I mean, this takes Imperials and just removes any level of subtlety in the Nazi metaphor department. They practically look like Nazi's from the real world. It has SW meets Dune vibes, which in and of itself is somewhat coming full circle in that Dune inspired SW. I also picked up on some Asimov vibes, particularly the Foundation Trilogy.

I'm totally going to give this a shot. I'm always iffy on Snyder, and I totally think he thinks he's smarter than he actually is, but he's done enough that I can appreciate it, even if loosely or conceptually more than in execution, for me to try this show out. I'm not going to let his DC take (one I strongly dislike) effect my opinion on this as, well, there's no real logical comparison outside of stylistic ones.
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Anyone else looking forward to watching it? I know it's had a limited US release but for the rest of us it comes out in 2 days time. There's already talks of a 3rd film.
I don't know if I'm "looking forward to it" per say, but it looks interesting enough to see. I am curious to see what his vison of Star Wars might have been.
He pitched it years ago so the bigger question is - if Disney had picked it up as episode 7, would this movie have done a better job than TFA.
I'm not sure it would have been "better", I do feel it could have been very visually striking in a way that the ST was not. Though I'm not his biggest fan I do appreciate some of his movie visions, and in "fantasy sci-fi" I think he could deliver in a way that I never felt was right for DC.

I do know that his Star Wars would have been very different than what most of us expected for the IP, so much like the ST likely on the divisive side. But, to me Star Wars has always been a bit on the weird side. So with Rebel Moon looking weird and fantastical it shows some of that aspect.

That also said, Snyder has always been more style over substance, so the story is where I hope it's good.
I actually really liked Part 1 but Part 2 is a disaster. I usually enjoy Snyder movies but this one gives me a glimpse into what other people don't like about his films.

It's really similar to Kill Bill Part 2... not much action, needless backstory that should have been in Part 1 or not at all...

I mentioned it in the movies thread, but there's an insanely long wheat harvesting scene. It's mind blowing that they felt we needed an extended sequence of chaff blowing through the air in slow motion. I felt like I was having a stroke. You've really got to see it to believe it!