Quazar Qustoms - Belloq (WIP)

Mar 25, 2004
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Hey, guys! my recent(ish) acquisition of a John Hammond JP figure from Comic Con has given me the chance to get started on a long planned custom.

Belloq in his suit from "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

This still isn't completely finished. I will paint the shirt a light blue (to match his appearance in the bar scene) and I need to replace the hands.

Weirdly, the hands got splotched with black paint while I was using acetone to remove the black from the cuffs of the source figure. The paint won't come off the hands, even though it came easily off the figure!

And I'll replace the hat, too, with something more accurate, probably just a white Indy fedora.


JP John Hammond - pelvis, legs, hat
LC Indiana Jones - torso
Marvel Gamervers Mr. Negative - jacket (with vest removed) and arms
Hands - black suit cobra commander
Head - Indiana Jones Belloq

Feb 7, 2006
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"Blow it up! Blow it back to God."
"Indiana, we are merely passing through history. This... this IS history. Do as you will"

Nice work Lance!
That (2008 IJ) was such a great line. And its excellent to see some Indy customs on the board.