Prometheus Rising 3D Printed Repro Blockade Runner for Kenner Diecast Star Destroyer

Sep 14, 2013
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Upstate NY
Hey guys,

Thought you all might like to see another Star Wars 3D printing project I've just finished up. I received a request for help from a fellow collector for the itty bitty white plastic Blockade Runner that comes in the hangar of the old Kenner diecast Star Destroyer. I know most of the discussion here is on the actual figures, and that's my main focus, too, but this was too fun of a project to pass up.

For those of you unfamiliar, the Kenner Star Destroyer is a seven inch long beast of a ship, mostly made of cold diecast. It's a lovely toy with good shapes and a great design.

The belly hangar slides open, revealing a little plastic Tantine IV that clips into place. The little ship is only about an inch long, but it's a wonder of mini sculpting. All the right shapes are present, making it unmistakably the Correlian Corvette with as little detail as possible. It's an exercise in minimalist design.

I modeled the ship on the computer and printed out a prototype in ABS plastic on my personal printer. The detail here is a bit cludgy, but it allowed me to fine tune the fit of the mounting fin.

Once I was satisfied with my prototype, I ordered a few prints from Shapeways, which is how I am ultimately offering the part. The white material gets a bit blown out in the photos, but the prints came out better than I expected.

The repro ships fit like a glove!

I also made sure to add a distinguishing mark to my repro part so it cannot get mixed up with the original. It's small on a 1" long print, but it's there. The mark reads 'PRS' for Prometheus Rising Studios, my shop.

While I was at it I had a little fun. The sculpt of the mini ship is so clean and pretty, I removed the mounting fin and scaled it up 2x to make a standalone mini Blockade Runner toy. This guy would be awesome in stainless steel or flexible plastic as a little pocket cruiser.

The repro and scaled up Blockade Runners are available for purchase on my Shapeways store, but advertisement wasn't my goal of this post. I wanted to show you guys how I'm using 3D printing to forward my Star Wars hobby! If you want to learn more about the process, or find the link to my shop, head on over to this post on my site: 3D Printer Reproduction Mini Blockade Runner for use with Kenner Star Wars diecast Star Destroyer | Prometheus Rising Studios
Mar 14, 2002
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Equator City

All these great Shapeways projects make me wish I had the time and capability of learning a new talent.