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Feb 19, 2005
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Hey all,
When I recently inventoried my POTF2 collection I could not find a truly comprehensive checklist of the figures. Some sites had some listed but not others and I wanted to know all that were out there. Therefore, I started with the best base I could find which was the old archived POTF2.COM checklist from around 2013. This was a good start but was missing quite a few variations, namely foreign ones. So I combined that with several others sites and my own personal observations. My goal now is to share it with the POTF2 community to crowd source my missing stuff so as to have the penultimate POTF2 checklist which can be shared and used by all. Right now it's just me that maintains it, but I would like to add trusted members to have Edit rights, as well, to help add to it. This isn't a checklist for the faint of heart - it's for hardcore carded POTF2 collectors who are as OCD about it as I am.

Features/Goals/Thought Process:
  • List every single known variation of POTF2 figures, including foreign
  • List all production errors
    • Production errors are only listed if it is a universally-recognized error for which there are at least several examples of. A minor paint error on 1 figure does not count.
  • Identify by card color
  • Create filters to allow for sorting by an entire variation type such as country or card type/color I need your help. What am I missing? I have 1 requirement when submitting for a missing item: you have to be able to prove it. A photo from your own collection, your own photo archives, or a link to the fig on the web is sufficient. This is just to maintain the integrity.
Likewise, are you aware of something on the checklist that shouldn't be on there? Tell me that, too!


Finally, this is a work-in-progress. I still have plenty of cleanup to do, so please be patient. I also am only focusing on figures right now, so please excuse the mess in Vehicles.
Sounds like a great project! I remember I used to go on a lot myself back then, has been shut down for some time now. The OC POTF2 figures are the only modern figures I even kept along with my ships and sets. 1995 was the hayday of my Star Wars collecting when these toys started to come out. Any more, I just collect the bootleg versions of them which I have over 200 but still get regular ones when I can that I need. I know of a lot of foreign ones and variants out there and used to have a ton. I'll take a look at your link.
Very impressive and I am certainly going to use it! My focus has been Potf2. If you havent already, check out my collection in the display forum. I have quite a few variants and pictures there.
Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire - Chewbacca

While I was looking for the EU version I stumble with this carded version that I haven't seen before:

Now this sounds interesting and worth it. I'm a huge POTF2 red card Collector mainly and secondary green Collector.

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Now im curious about all this too. Id like to know all the checklist too. I'm still collecting this line and missing several still.
Looking over your spreadsheet, specifically for the Jawa-Two Pack. The following are correct and pictures of each one can be located on Ebay:

.01, Col. # 2, Hologram, Green Card, Square Bubble, Old Peg Hook, Four Digit
.01, Col. # 2, Photo, Green Card, Square Bubble, Old Peg Hook, Four Digit, 'Glowing Eyes and Blaster Pistols'
.02, Col. # 2, Hologram, Green Card, Square Bubble, New Peg Hook, Four Digit
.02, Col. # 2, Hologram, Green Card, Slanted Bubble, New Peg Hook, Four Digit
.02, Col. # 2, Photo, Green Card, Slanted Bubble, New Peg Hook, Four Digit

Also, you have this one listed twice:
.02, Col. # 2, Photo, Green Card, Slanted Bubble, New Peg Hook, Four Digit

The Canadian Trilogo with insert comes with a Slanted and Square Bubbles and have enclosed the links from Ebay:
Canadian Trilogo Jawa (Slanted Bubble)
Canadian Trilogo Jawa (Square Bubble)

Here is another one for you list:
POTF2 European Jawa

Though the one I have listed is a QC sample with five languages, I do remember seeing an actual Production one for sale in the past. However, they are not easy to track down.

The POTF2 Jawas can also be found with Showtime stickers as well.
POTF2 Showtime Jawa

Hope this helps..
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Jason, thanks so much!

1) The one you say I have listed twice actually is different: slanted vs. square bubble and there are 2 different square bubbles with different peg hooks.
2) Added the slanted bubble Canadian - thanks!
3) Added EU Long Photo - had no idea this existed, thank you!
4) Showtime one already on there :)
  • Added Biggs w/ sticker and unpainted leg
  • Did not add Leia EU THX - already exists
  • Added Luke Bespin unpainted saber hilt
  • Need more info on Gamorean, Jawas, and Hammerhead - please check list and see if it's already on there?
  • Added CN EV-9D9 w/ insert
  • Added CN Ugnaughts w/ insert
I also had to do a hard copy/paste text only of my personal checklist so I need to format it again, but that will take time.
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I might be crazy but I didn't see the European 'tri-logo' Freeze Fame Emperor's Royal Guard listed.
This is a great thread. I had a massive potf2 collection and variations were my favorites.
I agree! I never realized the force pikes on my guards came both right side up and upside down on one of these until I saw this list (and, as my name might give away, I have a decent collection of carded guards 😂). Immediately eBayed one. Always learning something new!
Updated with a lot of new stuff, especially Canadian variants:
Updated with a lot of new stuff, especially Canadian variants:
Thank you! You're doing the (sith) lord's work!
Thank you for this amazing list @Vemnox . I attempt to add my variants I cound't find on your list. I am not sure if I understand all things corretly. so you might have to check if I did something wrong:
-slanted bubble has a sloping surface on top and a square bubbles top is perpendicular to the card.
-old peg hook is slim and new peg hook is wider
-four or five digit? no idea. what does that mean?
-EU Long is for example the unpainted saber hilt luke @commanderbacara posted into this thread. not sure if the trilogo ones just beneath also count as long. i will call them "Long(er)" to clarify.

Following I add my things I could not find on the list + pictures.

-2-1B, Holo, Slanted Bubble, Old Peg Hook (the one you already found on facebook i guess)
-Barquin D'an & Droopy McCool has two versions according to . One with CGI Sy Snootles and one with puppet Sy Snootles. I only have the CGI variant (+square bubble and new peg hook)
-Bib Fortuna, EU Card, Long(er) Photo, No PotF bellow logo
-Greedo CommTech, Chip Holo, Green Starbust, Green Knee Pins, EU Sticker over back and also over commtech on front. Notice the red font.
I follow with some more figures which I don't own. but i've seen all of them in person when I bought those from my last comment. Sadly i have only photos from their front.

-Darth Vader with Interrogation Droid is completly missing from the list. The photo I attach here is most likely with the same EU sticker as my Greedo from the last comment.
-Han Solo (Hoth Gear), Orange Card, Trilogo, Open Hand
-Han Solo Endor, Trilogo, Photo, Green Card, probably Square Bubble, New Peg Hook (addition for that existing trilogo entry)
-Dewback with Sandtrooper, Trilogo
-Speeder Bike (Expanded Universe), Trilogo
-Speeder Bike with Luke Endor, Trilogo

-Dewback with Sandtrooper, Trilogo
-Speeder Bike (Expanded Universe), Trilogo
I never knew about these!

Since I’ve been here Vemnox pops on every few months and does a list update. I think the Google sheets is locked so we can’t make edits but I’m thrilled someone has taken up this task.

It’s also nice to see a fellow POTF2 fan on here. Sometimes I feel like it’s a lost collection between the Vintage and TVC threads 😂
I'll update soon. Like GuardsonCards says, I usually pop in once a month. Thanks so much for the addition suggestions - lots to go through.
Lots of new updates I've added from the past 6 months. Link in the OP. Let me know of anything I am missing.
Found another Guard for the list!

.01, Blue Stripe (Col. # 3), Freeze Frame, Green Card, Slanted Bubble, New Peg Hook, Four Digit, Correct Force Pike
with Episode I "Sneak Preview Figure" Offer Sticker on Front


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Havent seen this one on any list before, just the Xizor/Vader pack in a Red Euro version (which is also missing from this list).



Also are there any photos of these listed Red Card/Holo variants? Ive never seen these on other lists or in photos:

Boba Fett
Darth Vader
Han Solo
Han Solo Carbonite
Luke Jedi Knight
Luke X-Wing
Tie Pilot
Tusken Raider
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According to the Star Wars Action Figure Database Vol 2 (1995-1998) published in 2006, the figures on orange cards with holograms are:

- Darth Vader
- C-3PO
- R2-D2
- Stormtrooper
- Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi
- Han Solo
- Chewbacca
- Pincess Leia Organa
- Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Fighter Pilot Gear)
- Boba Fett
- Yoda
- Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight)
- Han Solo (In Carbonite)

Anything else is easily faked, freeze the card to remove the hologram, then using a blow dryer set to low heating, then use use a knife to remove the hologram, apply glue to the hologram and presto, you have fooled the AFA telling them that you pulled from a case

All of these steps can be easily be found if you know where to look for them and have been put to the test years ago, so there is no mystery in how to fake a unique card that never existed in the first place

Havent seen this one on any list before, just the Xizor/Vader pack in a Red Euro version (which is also missing from this list).



Also are there any photos of these listed Red Card/Holo variants? Ive never seen these on other lists or in photos:

Boba Fett
Darth Vader
Han Solo
Han Solo Carbonite
Luke Jedi Knight
Luke X-Wing
Tie Pilot
Tusken Raider
Lando only exist on green card hologram Sam's Club exclusive:

TIE Pilot and Tusken Raider were only also available on green cards hologram everywhere.
Right, but the list above has those last 3 listed as red card holo as well. Specifically talking red holo

Translated that image, so those others were all errors only, not mass produced like the main set of red holos. A shame, they look so good.

“Orange/Holo Sticker

These are error products, but Storm Trooper and Ben (Obi-Wa) Kenobi and Yoda are manufactured in large quantities that can be counted as variations.”

What book is that? Looks really cool
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What book is that? Looks really cool
Star Wars Action Figure Database Vol 2 (1995-1998), there were 6 volumes (I have all of them 😊), all in Japanese, I think I paid less than $35 per volume shipping included from Japan.:

Well, I know Ben Kenobi, Stormtrooper and Yoda were mass produced, I don't know if the rest were error products, because some of them end up with some collectors:
POTF2 Red Card Leia with Hologram

While I was doing I little bit of research, I stumble with a publication by a collector from Belgium: Jean-François Demoulin, last update was on 2016, you can download the publication:

SW3.75 - POTF2 Red Cards


It shows Holo Lando and TIE Pilot but no Tusken Raider, on this publication is missing C-3PO from the japanese vol. 2.

The only way to verify their authenticity is by their date stamp, which I don't have a clue, but Savrip's Horde | POTF2 Collecting

Star Wars - Power Of The Force II (Kenner/Hasbro)

On this guide it shows Leia and R2-D2.

Orange Card w/hologram

Thomas Grey:​

Here is what I know...

Officially released red carded with Holofoil Sticker:
Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi

These are unreleased prototypes, but have been confirmed visually by me own eyes. There are a few that weren't even released originally on red cards.:
Boba Fett
Darth Vader
Han Solo
Han Solo (Carbonite Block text)
Han Solo (Endor)
Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard)
Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)
Princess Leia Organa (2 bands on belt)
TIE-Fighter Pilot

I am not really sure why some of these were not released. I know the 3 that did get released were figures that were basically peg warmers or late releases for the red cards and sent back. Kenner added the Holofoils to them and they were short packed with the early green card assortments. The prototypes are a product of inside sources at Kenner introducing them to the collectible market...
Yeah i know the Leia is a little easier to find, ive seen a few of them and have one with a 9708 date stamp.
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First, Oh my word! Thank you so much for that link to the SW3.75 - POTF2 Red Cards page. I used some self-hosted tools to combine them into a single PDF. The shared link is below. I didn't see how to download the whole thing, maybe I missed it.

I'll keep introductions short. I have another post I'm going to make for a newly finished website. I haven't been around on this forum for more than a decade. I used to be active on, but fell out of actively searching for collectibles. I focus on Red Card, with some side paths like Hamilton Plates, Star Tots, and vintage loose.

This is my website cataloging my collection. On any particular character, you can see everything I have been able to collect. Trying my best to make clear what differences are on each card, but without going into written paragraphs about it. At the bottom of the page is a character list that I recall copying from SWJUNK on years ago. That's as much of a checklist as I ever had. I'd love to get it updated, but I threw it on there as an extra. You'll find some have checkmarks on the ones I have, and others I didn't bother with it. It was more of an afterthought to add it.

Thanks for taking a look.