Princess Leia Organa (Leia Comic Book Appearance)

With this second wave of comic figures, I've found they're generally within a few dollars of each other at the different retailers when taxes and shipping are taken into account. Each place definitely has their pros and cons so I'd order where you feel most comfortable. For me, I went ahead and ordered all four at once. Overall, EE & Dorkside were the best value, so I flipped a coin and went with EE. It came down to free shipping & tax vs. no free shipping and no tax.

With EE, you can get free shipping over $39, but you pay tax.
With BBTS, you can add it to your PoL to save on shipping, but it's more expensive and you pay tax.
With Pulse, if you don't have premium you'll pay $6 shipping and tax.
With Dorkside, you will pay $5 shipping, but no tax.
With Skyward, you can't pre-order at all until it comes in stock, but you won't pay tax.
With Old Republic, IIRC you'll pay shipping, but no tax. It's also usually more expensive and can't cancel.
With Best Buy, you can get free shipping, but will pay tax and they usually take the longest time to fulfill.
With Gamestop, you can get free shipping over $35, but will pay tax. If you're a pro member you can also use your rewards and they're the most likely to put this on sale before release.
The Rebel Heroes

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Oh that Han is great. They need to make a comic version of Han as my Skywalker Strikes and Comic Leia are a bit out of place at the moment. Rounding out the trinity will look much better.
Hasbro could make so much money from Death Star walls. Theres no R&D, its super easy to make and 3D prints just don't come close to injection moulded versions (I've tried plenty of times with various settings and they're still not these clean).
They'd get repeat sales too. You get somone buying a doorway and a single panel, you know they'll be back for more.
Black Series must be one of the few product lines in the world where prices go up but the quality gets worse.
That Bespin head is miles better than the Comic one (which isnt bad compared to some of the Trinity faces we get)