Princess Leia Mpire Plush, help!!!

Jan 27, 2013
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I recently emailed an expert and haven't gotten a response yet, so to save time on re-explaining my situation I'll just copy+paste my message here and hopefully someone can help:

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for information on this plush I acquired, and can't seem to even see that it ever existed.

It is a 13"-14" green M&M Princess Leia. Below are links to pics. Do you have any information on it or know who might???? I'm completely lost on this one and the internet is no help so far. Everyone talks about the smaller plushies, but no one has any information (or even a picture) of this larger plush. If you look, she is completely different from the smaller plushies. She has bigger hair buns, embroidered details, reflective detailing on her belt, etc.

Pic links: &

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