POTJ Luke Dagobah and Yoda



I wouldlove to see a better Luke Dagobah figure. Purhaps one with his eye's closed as in meditation (sequence where Luke was trying to raise his X-Wing from the swamp). And to be honest, I prefer the original Yoda to the latest Yoda's we have had in the 90's to present. The cloth robe, belt, snake... MAN! It was an excellent figure. And the sculpting was excellent as well!
I'm not knocking the sculpts on the new ones, but I would love to see something along the lines of the original.
I love the POTJ figures, but I'm upset about how they were released here in Canada. Why only 10? How come we can't get all of them? And why was Vader, Obi-Won and Anakin Mechanic only 1ea per case?
Don't get me started on the cost of them.... Whew! All collectors in Canada are shocked about the price, especially at TRU. $11.99 a figure! They will match Wal-Marts, but still, at $9 a figure!?!
As a Canadian, I feel Hasbro has let us Canadian collectors down. With the lack of figure's, the fan club magazine and exclusives, ESPECIALLY exclusive's!
Being a truck driver used to allow me the ease of buying these items since I was in the US all the time, but now that I'm off the road... I have to resort to buying SW items at twice the cost (plus shipping) and unfair trades.
Will these problems ever change, or will they stay the same? We have all heard the same thing over and over...."We're working on the problem... Doing everything we can to make you happy", but until we see a change, I think a lot of collectors will stop collecting all together. I used to spend over $2000 a month on Hasbro products, but now I barely spend $20 a month, simply due to the cost and availability.
Alright... I'm off my soap-box now!

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