POTF2 Red Card (savrip.com)

Sep 16, 2000
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First of all, let me introduce myself. Tim (Savrip) Hopkins. If you're really old, you'll remember me if you were around the custom world. I was the co-creator of FFURG (Forgotten Force Ultimate Resource Guide). I worked with a great bunch of guys doing the website build and a few customs, where I mostly liked making cardbacks. The reason I loved card backs so much was because of my focus collection. I collect POTF2 Red Card. Around 2000 I realized trying to keep up with figures was going to be an endless quest. I wanted to do something well, instead of spending my money on whatever was next, sorry Hasbro. ;) Somewhere along the lines, I was able to buy bulk auctions that had a bunch of foreign cards and another lot with foreign vehicles. I realized I had a pretty good mass of that release, so I decided to focus on just the Red Card line. (Sidebar: Yes, I used to call it Orange Card, but while the majority color is orange I do recognize it's a red lightsaber, so I have been assimilated.)

About 3 years ago I had this idea to catalog my collection online and display it so that it may help others to find items they didn't know existed or to just help complete checklists. If you are a character focus collector this can be helpful for sure. I built a Princess Leia, Biker Scout, and a few main pages, then quit for the next few years. I recently found new employment which has me working from home and a lot of time in meetings. This has helped rekindle my desire to start work on the site again. Over the last two months, I have done the majority of the work. Taking photos of the front and back of each figure. Then taking those into an image editor to fix perspective and line them up so that they looked like they should instead of random angles which I held the camera. This was a lot of work, but I think well worth the time. I hope you enjoy and if you would like to comment on the page I encourage you to point out fixes or suggestions (PM me or add an @gmail.com to my username). I'd like for this to be a great resource for the group of us who collect this line. Enjoy!