Posting Info About Finds on Main Page

Jun 29, 2013
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Hi folks, just a bit of a concern regarding the above noted subject - when you guys link specific finds to the main page of this site, it greatly deters from anyone being able to actually beat the scalpers to the store & get the stuff. You'll wind up seeing it all on ebay. RS has tons of lurkers hitting the page up hoping to scoop the "hot" items (like those Darth Revans, ATAT Drivers & Snowtroopers most of us would love to find at retail) and immediately try to resell for huge markups. You know this happens. It's super fun to report your new & exciting finds - it's an AWESOME part of the hobby - but just beware that posting in a high-traffic, unprotected realm like the RS front page can feed the scalpers in a very real & lucrative way, which also keeps the fun stuff out of collectors hands for fair prices.

Just a thought. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas & that post-Christmas shopping has you finding everything you're hoping for!