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Dec 24, 2000
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I'd like to ask all of you kind folks to assist me in keeping the Classified section neat and tidy. As many of you have probably noticed, I append thread titles to include a prefix to make it easier for collector to scan through the threads and to keep the section looking neat and orderly. If folks could add the following to the beginning of each thread title, it would help me immensely:

For Sale Posts - please use FS:
Wanted to Buy Posts - please use WTB:
For Sale/For Trade Posts - please use FS/FT:
For Trade Posts - please use FT:
Wanted to Trade For Posts - please use WTTF:

Also, if your item(s) sell(s) or is found, please type (SOLD) or (FOUND) at the end of the thread title (use parentheses and capital letters exactly as shown). Please DO NOT delete the thread title and replace it with (SOLD) or (FOUND)...simply edit the title and add it at the end or contact a mod to edit on your behalf if editing time restrictions are preventing you from making the changes yourself.

Everyone's assistance with this will be a HUGE help to me and you'll all have a hand in making the Classified section very easy to navigate and pleasing to view.

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