Possible Trades?

Feb 11, 2013
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Astoria, Oregon
If anyone on the north coast or in the Portland area is interested in trading let me know. My collection is becoming more focused over the last couple years so I have a lot that I have decided I could part with.

Some examples of items I could trade:
About every 6" Black Series figure from the first 3 years of the line new in box. (plus a few newer figures as well)
A few 5 POA TFA figures
A few SW Hot wheels cars
A closet full of Lego, New in Box. Both SW and other Themes.
Some official/exclusive SW posters. (from Celebration etc)
A few Star Tots
Plenty of other stuff. Feel free to ask.

Things I am looking for:

Star Wars Frisbees/Flying Discs. Any kind.
Rogue One Two-Tubes Items...could be anything, art, trading cards, props/ fan made items etc
Also, home brewing equipment...

Let me know if you are interested. I live in Astoria but I go through Portland every couple months or so.