Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z/GT, Yu-Gi-Oh TCG's FS TONS!

Jun 4, 2004
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Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z/GT, Yu-Gi-Oh TCG\'s FS TONS!

Hey evryone, man, this is my second FS topic today....Well anyway, I'm selling my literaly thousands of TCG cards. First up, is all the commons, uncommons, and holo DBZ/GT,Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, NeoPets, and SW cards I have. The holo cards are all DBZ. or DBGT. There are 50 cards in each bag. there are 73 DBZ/GT bags, 27 Pokemon bags, 9 Yu-Gi-Oh bags, 4 NeoPets bags, and 2 SW CW bags. Thats 115 bags, so that meens there are aprox. 5750 cards in total. This would be absolutly great for a child that dosen't have many cards, or a person just staring out, or enspecialy a Christmas gift.

Make me an offer for the 115 bags of cards....Or I'll take $250 + Shipping for all of them. Most of all of them are all mint, and come from a smoke free home.

Picture -


Next are all my Dragon Ball Z/GT Rares. There are exactly 202 of them. And yes, they are RARES, NOT holos, RARES. I don't have a pic of them all yet, because there's so many of them, but they vary from Saiyan Saga, to the first GT Series.

Make me an offer on these, I don't know exactly what they're worth altogether.


Next are my Yu-Gi-Oh Holo Rare cards (Secret,Ultra, Super?). There's exactly 23 cards, they've never been played before, EVER. Here's the pic. -

Make me an Offer of these as well.


Next are the Yu-Gi-Oh Rares (The ones with SILVER lettering), there's 54 of them, mostly all in mint condition, aside from mabey just 2 or 3 of them.
I'd take $75+shipping for them, or best offer.

Pictures -