Poe's X-Wing Fighter with Poe Dameron

Nov 7, 2016
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But I did try putting my BS Poe in the Dagobah X-wing and I couldn't get it to fit either. It's his hips. They'd have to be modified around the crotch to allow his legs to go in more. Either that, or his torso or legs are too long. Sucks.

I'd only buy the blue and white to say it's an XJ and the black one the XJ stealth version. So if they're cheap enough, I'm getting them. :{D
Yeah, I don't like the style of hips they gave the TFA Black Series figures. It makes them look unnatural when seated. If they had to do a ball-jointed hip (which is more important for some characters rather than others) I would have much preferred the GI Joe style. That's worked for Joes for 35 years!

The blue and white one was a Wal*Mart exclusive and apparently is sturdier than the black version. It came out a bit later, so it looks like Hasbro tried a quick fix with the plastic they used in the wings and definitely the cannons. I have 2 of the blue ones, and while it still doesn't feel as sturdy as the Legacy X-Wing or the PoTF II version it's still solid enough.
Oct 11, 2017
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texas...earth's Tatooine
i have a question my poe figure that came with the x wing has a blotch of paint or something that obscures half his visor what should i do? scratch it off? leave it be? soak the helmet in something?