PLEASE HELP - (Hot Toys R2-D2) - Not working. Problems. Then new batteries. 2 hours later not working. Is this Normal? How long do Batteries Last?

Oct 9, 2021
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I am new to Hot Toys.

Today I was very excited as I got my first Hot Toys Figure (R2-D2 Regular not Deluxe).

I got it on eBay and it was used.

Seller said it needed new batteries.

So I went to Walmart today and bought new batteries.

This is what Happened

At first nothing happened and I was very worried.

Then I got it to light up and was happy.

So I tried the sound effects next with the remote control.

Didn't work.

And even worse the lights immediately turned off when I pressed the button on the remote.

Nothing worked at this point and I became worried again.

So I took out the batteries and put them in again.

Now everything worked perfectly.

After an hour or two I tried to show somebody the sound effects but they would not work.

So I tried it with the lights off.

For some reason it worked with lights off.

I tried it with the first set of light on and it worked.

But with all lights on it worked 1 out of 10 tries maybe.

But always worked with lights off and first set of light on.

Strange but ok.

Soon after I noticed that the Lights all looked very dim.

Now it does not work at all.

So my question is

Is this Normal for this figure?

Or is the Figure Defective?

I googled and found a thread on Reddit where a few people had problems and said you just need new batteries.

They said even if lights are not on just leaving it on the "On" Position instead of the "Off" Position will Drain the Battery.

But I bought New Batteries today (Cost me $20).

I find it very very hard to believe that a few super low power LED lights can drain 5 Brand New Batteries in 1-2 Hours.

Am I wrong?

Any Help is Greatly Appreciated.

I need to know if I need to Contact the eBay Seller about Returning it.

Or do I just Need New Batteries?
Aug 31, 2007
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@that Star Wars Guy

Hey there. I responded to your thread on the other forum but you may not have seen my response since everything got merged into another thread.

I’m copying some of this content from my post there.

I had the MMS408 but have long since sold it.

Unfortunately I can’t personally speak to how long the batteries last because I only put the batteries in long enough to test if it works.

But I am inclined to believe the other reports of similar things happening. There might be something else about the setup that drains the batteries from the figure and remote quickly.

If your figure actually turns on and works, even for a short time, it’s probably fine.

Hot Toys is not known for good or well designed electronic features so I would not let that be a focus in building your collection. A lot of people don’t really bother with them.

Wiring can be shoddy, quality iffy, the battery compartments are hard to get to, and light switches are often in terrible spots.

If there’s no sign that the previous user left the batteries in and let it corrode or if the figure is not doing anything funky beyond draining the batteries fast, then I don’t know if it’s worth it to return it if you’re otherwise happy with it.

If you want it on all the time, Soap Reactor batteries are an option that lets you plug them in. Usually people use them for Iron Man figures but I’m guessing it’d be the same principle for R2.

That said, if you don’t feel good about the purchase and the seller will take it back, you could return it. But I wouldn’t buy another MMS408 expecting a different outcome.

The MMS511 is a much better figure, though very expensive now. You could get the Sideshow one for the time being. Hot Toys might do another R2-D2 eventually.
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