PlayStation Plus Shenanigans

Dec 13, 2015
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So, a very weird thing happened to me yesterday.
The 14th is the day my PS Plus renews. I buy the three-month option. Payment is set on auto-renew. Payment method is in good working order. Everything is fine; this same transaction has gone smoothly every three months since 2017.
But I get an email from Playstation; saying they could not process the payment and they'll try again in a few days. That struck me as very strange; because on my prescription page it shows my next renewal date as 12/14; as if it DID go through...but when I check the transaction history, it says "missed charges" with a 0 dollar amount taken. Also, no money was taken from the bank.
Puzzled, I double-check everything. My payment info, email, everything is up to date and working fine; so what is going on? Just for kicks, I try to manually purchase a one month sub. It goes through immediately; though I do get an email saying my previous subscription was canceled.
So then I try to buy my usual three month sub as well; and it goes through normally; I'm paid up to January of next year. But I really don't know what happened and why it failed to auto-renew for the first time since March of 2017. It was very strange. Payment method was fine. Funds were in the bank. Auto-renew was turned on. Everything as it should be; but it failed. Has this or something similar happened to anyone else? It was puzzling and stressful. Sorry this isn't specifically about a game.