Pizza Party at Sean's

Nov 11, 2013
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Hey there all of my Wisconsin STAR WARS fans!!!!! I will be hosting another get together at my place on Saturday August 4th. This is not a CHG Meeting just a fun get together. I will be providing pizzas from Little Caesars beverages and snacks. Anyone who can contribute anything would be much appreciated and if you want to bring anything feel free to do so. This will be a casual get together so anytime you can drop by you are more than welcome. I will have an open house type feel just like last year so people can move about the house as they please. I do encourage you to bring lawn chairs if you have them. I would love to do another picture of all of us just like last year too so come in your STAR WARS gear. Ok time for event info. This will take place on Saturday August 4th form 11am-Sundown. Hope you all can make it.
Address is 3254 S. 70th St, Milwaukee WI, 53219.