Phoenix Board # 187: 2019 SDCC What's in Store?

Mar 28, 2005
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I understand that Hasbro wanted to add a firing projectile to the AT-DT, but it looks odd without the full length cannon. I added a K’nex and a Lego piece to mine. Not nearly accurate or really a color match, but I think it looks better.

Still a work-in-progress but here's what I did yesterday, I used a straw on mine.

Looks much better with weathering, I've got to try that someday. I'm keeping my eye out for stuff around the house that I can use to make the cannon(s?) longer and more detailed.
Aug 24, 2001
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Chandler, AZ (It's kind of like Tatooine)
So has anyone pre-ordered the new A-Wing? I'm not sure about it. It looks out of proportion to me and the color is odd. It's sort of pinkish-brown. It's not red. I'm not seeing an improvement over the original A-Wings and I have a ton of the old one in both red and green.

UPDATE: Never mind. I just realized this is a Resistance A-Wing, which may be different than the original. I haven't actually compared the A-wing between the trilogies, but I assume, like the X-Wing, it went through some changes.
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