PCS Darth Maul 1/3 statue in the works

Looks pretty good, darthdroideka. Interesting base on it.
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Looks good and very tempting.

From what I can gather

Platinum Exclusive Version $1,755 - Comes with both torso options and only available from PCS
Deluxe Version $1,530 - Shirtless torso only - Available from distributors
Standard $1,530 - TPM torso only - Available from distributors

In an ideal world I would like the exclusive but with shipping to the UK and import tax and duties it might make it too costly. I would suspect I should be able to purchase the other versions from a UK distributor.

No sure I have the space to display it and do I really need another Maul? I have all the Sideshow PF's, the legendary scale figure, both Mythos, the 1st Sideshow 1:1 bust & legendary bust, plus a Fan Art 1/4 Tatooine Duel Maul.

Plenty to think about
A link might be helpful...

This looks pretty amazing and I love the idea that they created a lightsaber base for the torso you're not using so you wind up with a bonus mini bust. Very clever.
This is a lovely statue with a great likeness and i too liked the inclusion of Maul's Lightsabre hilt as a display option for the second torso.
After mulling it over I've decided I'm not going to buy this. As much as I like Darth Maul this statue isn't wowing me enough to drop that sort of money on it. I do like the switch out torsos but not too impressed with the inscribed tattoos. To me the new HT sixth scale paint and tattoos look better. I would also have preferred mixed media.

From a practical POV space is becoming more and more of any issue so I have no idea where I could put this.
Hot Toys can manage a paint job without sculpted lines but an almost $2k 1:3 statue can't?