Palpatine's Return: Why don't people get it?

Jul 18, 2005
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Honestly I hated the clone emperor idea when they did it in dark empire back in 1991.
i alwa had it in my head that it was just a clone that thouht it was the emperor. It’s sucked then and it sucks now.
the emperor is a excellent villain but excellent villains need an end
I’m admit I’m in the anti Disney camp - the sequels were terrible and whilst solo had potential and clone Wars, and rebels and bad batch ar worth having even if the quality can be variable and I love rogue and mando - even if they’re pretty basic- I will also concede that the old eu has some rubbish in it.
pit really struggled towards the end with writers losing a sense of Star Wars and I think that what annoys me with Disney. Hey started fresh and didn’t u;derstand the property- it’s not the mcu and it’s less flexible.