Padme Amidala - #TPM03

Oct 12, 2016
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Near the greatest snow on Earth. (SLC, UT)
Padme Amidala from The Phantom Menace. Code-named "Olympic". She will be #03 in The Phantom Menace sub-line. Comes in a unique wave with Anakin Skywalker packed at four per case each.

Newly tooled figure. Press images reflect and earlier version of the portrait - display & recap videos highlight the updated version. Has a flexible PVC skirt for ease of posability. Comes with ELG-3A Royal Naboo blaster pistol with telescoping barrel & ascension gun. Also, comes with an alternate hand in order to hold the smaller pistol grip.

On shelf Spring 2024. MSRP is $24.99.

Available for pre-order October 30th at 1pm ET at
and additional Fan Channel retailers including

Press Release

With exquisite features and decoration, this series embodies the quality and realism that Star Wars devotees love.

MCM London Comic-Con Display & Recap Video Images






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This is awesome. I remember this figure being rumored around 2019, but nothing ever came out of it, so it's nice to get confirmation that they haven't given up on Padme.
Im jealous, I literally just said in TVC thread yesterday a new good Padme was probably the most needed TPM figure(maybe prequels in general)

Surprised TBS only had one but even in TVC most are just very specific or mostly useless dress versions,
even the AOTC arena version is mostly a 2008 figure.

Perfect outfit pick, though as I say for TVC I really wish they'd do a realistic version of her adventure outfit from Clone Wars eventually.
Has a lot wider use.
Would prefer the very first TPM Queen outfit next

Sure, especially if she either comes her throne (and an alternate seated torso) or a window with a column.

Also, is anyone else surprised it's been four years since the AOTC Padmé, and Hasbro still hasn't bothered to do a simple post-Nexu Attack variant with a resculpted torso? And no Swoop Bike with AOTC Anakin yet either. Or a Security Battle Droid repaint. Or a OOM-9. Or a removable helmet Commander Cody... okay what is going on with Hasbro not using these simple re-paint / minor retooling opportunities?
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I’d definitely have preferred to see Throne Room Amidala before this version but to be honest, it’s just nice to see the prequels getting some Black Series attention.
I might be misremembering but shouldn't the robe/outfit be more two-tone🤔

Outer cloth is more maroon with brighter red inner lining. The lighting probably isn't helping here
I mostly love it, the head just seems… a bit large? Nothing terribly so but it just doesn’t feel proportional to her torso.
Judging from these pictures alone, I feel like the original Black Series release has a more accurate Natalie Portman headsculpt, but let's see how the in-hand pictures turn out. Either way, looking forward to this release and hopefully more Amidala figures in both scales in the future. Still a lot of outfits to go!
Looks really nice, and probably the second easiest one to do besides Geonosis or Tatooine Padme in terms of articulation. Ceremony Amidala is probably the next easiest as the cape/shroud could be SG's over it but still looking at restricted leg movement, but that's very doubtful due to the short amount of time she's in it. I would be curious to see how they would tackle Queena Amidala Coruscant or Theed outfits.
I remember this being rumored as far back as late 2018. I wonder how long they've sat on this sculpt
Saw these on the black series sub Reddit. Looks much better than those first promo pics, though it looks like this particular one had the eyes printed a little higher than the sculpt.


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Saw these on the black series sub Reddit. Looks much better than those first promo pics, though it looks like this particular one had the eyes printed a little higher than the sculpt.
Portrait is a little weird on the side of the box🫤

Looks like she belongs on Pandora
Yours is the second Padmé figure I’ve seen with the eyes printed too high. I hope this isn’t a widespread issue, but it doesn’t bode well.