OTC figures and OTC Vintage differences

May 4, 2003
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Buffalo, NY
Maybe its just me but I am a little confused. How are these figures going to be package? Which ones are going to have the old vintage bubbles and which ones will have a full size bubbles like the ones of the photos we have seen? I personally want to get the old style bubble ones but dont want to pre-order the wrong figures. Which ones are these? Pics would be appreciated as I have not ssen photos of the old stlye bubbles.
Jun 21, 2002
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It is my understanding that the "Vintage" will have the old school vintage style Bubbles and the old school card reproductions.

Also, there will only be 12 of the Vintage figs. The OTC will not be so limited in scope.

PS --- Duh! I forgot the biggest give-away of all. The "Vintage" due to packing, extra articulation, and plain old collectibility will have a HIGHER price point. About $9.99 --- I believe. This alone should make preordering a breeze.

PS 2 --- Now that I've been such a big help, will you please PM if you find a real good deal on these? Thanks in advance.

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