FS OT Sale on Lot of 46 Rare COLOR and B/W photos Night of The Living Dead (a few signed)

Jul 19, 2006
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I don't expect these rare photos (most NOT SIGNED) to last long as I also have them for sell on an auction site. First come first sold. Photos at the very bottom of this post. View the video link on youtube to see all photos.

9/17/20 PRICE REDUCED FOR A LIMITED TIME TO $790, these rare images are priced at only $17.17 each (and you are getting 10 autographs AND 46 PHOTOS) - Shipping in the continental U.S. via Priority insured with tracking and signature delivery is INCLUDED

Have the Ultimate Night of the Living Dead photo collection with these very rare images from Night of The Living Dead directed by George Romero. These include the rare COLOR behind the scenes photos and black and white photos.

All are 8x10 photos with the exception of one 4x5 reproduction print of the infamous cast photo on the farm house porch and a 8x10 color of the famous cast/crew shot of them in the field. All are in like new condition.

You get the 46 photos (8 photos are autographed with 10 signatures including a rarely seen truck explosion photo) as seen in the video below in the Itoya Acid Free Archival Photo binder which is INCLUDED. Any creasing you see in the video is only a reflection on the binder pages as the photos are ALL LIKE NEW CONDITION.

Sorry no INDIVIDUAL PHOTO SALES. Please don't ask as these will ONLY be Sold as One lot.

To VIEW ALL OF THE PHOTOS please visit my youtube link that displays ALL OF THE PHOTOS in a very short video:


Here is the list of the photos that you will receive in the archival acid free binder as seen in the video above:

1) 4x5 reproduction print of the infamous cast photo on the farm house porch.

The rest are 8x10 in size.

2) B/W Posse at news car with Bill Cardille and the Sheriff

3) Black dress ghoul approaching house

4) John Russo close up as a ghoul

5) Barbra scared look at door

6) Barbra hands holding her head on couch

7) Bug Eating ghoul at tree

8) Barbra fighting off cemetery zombie with Johnny watching

9) Ben Dead with hooks in shot

10) Female ghoul eating

11) George Romero next to the helicopter

12) Johnny fighting with the cemetery zombie

13) George Romero with camera filming cemetery zombie grabbing barbra

14) The Sheriff talking to George Romero

15) Inside the farm house with the ghouls

16) Ghouls outside the farm house on the main porch pounding on doors

17) Harry with Tom comforting Barbra

18) Close up of Helen scared from the trowel scene

19) Low shot looking up at Ben

20) Johnny and Barbra in the car with George Romero at the passenger side window

21) Russ Streiner with the movie clapper board in front of Ben and Tom

22) Color shot of the City of Willard Dept of Public Health vehicle from the film

23) Color shot with NOTLD logo of George Romero taking a light reading on Johnny in the car. Camera seen as well.

24) NOTLD 30th anniversary photo of Johnny and Barbra SIGNED " THEY'RE COMING TO GET YOU BARBARA RUSS STREINER"

25) Rare image of the truck explosion production photo that shows the mannequin in the truck. Signed by Regis Survinski (Special effects technician) who did the truck explosion. Sadly now deceased.

The letter that accompanies the photo is from his daughter. She reproduced the original photo and had her father (Regis Survinski) sign these - So this photo isn't a vintage original photo (but is one of the 47 copies she made of the vintage original photo from 1968 for the release of Night of the Living Dead) - As she stated in the letter, which is included with the photo, "as of this writing 47 signed copies of the truck production photo that show the mannequin."

She also states in the letter : "This photo has been archived but it is not one made available to the public at horror conventions."
Other parts of the letter have been blurred for ebay to prevent duplication.
A $250 value alone.

26) COLOR NOTLD Logo Behind the scenes filming in living room of farm house with Ben at Couch.
27) COLOR NOTLD Logo Behind the scenes shot of filming of Barbra and Johnny walking in the cemetery from behind George Romero who is at camera.

28) COLOR NOTLD of Marilyn Eastman with camera sitting near her.
29) COLOR NOTLD logo of George Romero behind camera filming Johnny and Barbra.
30) COLOR NOTLD logo of Josephine Streiner who played a ghoul sitting in a chair on set.
31) Ghoul grabbing his face after being shot by posse.
32) Nude Ghoul in zombie group near house
33) Wide shot of filming the car in the cemetery with cast and crew around it including George Romero.
34) Charles Craig in the newsroom set
35) Duane Jones aka BEN with a scared Judith O'Dea aka Barbra with shadows.
36) COLOR NOTLD LOGO of filming in the cemetery with cast and crew. Wide shot featuring boom microphone and George Romero at camera
37) COLOR NOTLD LOGO Closer shot of the car in the cemetery with George Romero behind camera and crew member near by holding the camera slate.
38) COLOR NOTLD LOGO wide shot of car in cemetery as Johnny exits with George Romero behind camera filming.
39) High shot looking down at ghouls. SIGNED by ghouls "PAULA RICHARDS" and "WILLIAM MOGUSH"
40) NOTLD 30th anniversary photo of Johnny with black glove grabbing door SIGNED "BARBARA! I'VE GOT SOME VERY BAD NEWS FOR YOU! JOHNNY RUSS STREINER"
41) NOTLD 30th anniversary photo of Johnny and Barbra sitting in the car and George Romero at passenger side window. SIGNED "RUSS STREINER JOHNNY"
42) Posse with hooks inside the house featuring Gary Streiner. SIGNED "GARY STREINER RESPECT THE DEAD"
43) NOTLD GREEN LOGO PHOTO of Washington DC Behind the Scenes. Russ Streiner holding camera. SIGNED "RUSS STREINER"
44) NOTLD GREEN LOGO PHOTO of Russ Streiner with camera clapper board with Ben and Tom.
45) Photo of the posse with the sheriff. SIGNED "GEORGE KOSANA THE SHERIFF" and "TONY PANTANELLA". Sadly both are now deceased.
46) COLOR Cast and Crew shot of them sitting and standing in a field.

Most photos are NOT SIGNED - On the signed photos there are NO inscriptions as in "To someone or For someone." Just the autographs and sometimes quotes or character names, etc..

PLEASE NOTE: To view ALL the photos please visit my youtube link below:


Terms of sale. Paypal payment Shipping will be by Priority, fully insured, signature delivery (Will have to be signed for upon delivery) with tracking IS included in the continental U.S. As with all of my collectibles, items are sold as collector items - collector to collector. Item(s) are Sold As Is. All Sales Final.No returns or refunds as Items are fully insured for the full amount of your bid in case of lost or damaged mail. Items are mailed out in 2-3 business days after paypal payment is received. I will message you with the tracking # and expected delivery date according to USPS.

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Jul 19, 2006
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Big Price Reduction for 46 rare photos (includes 10 autographs) and a limited edition signed photo - see original post above for details.
Jul 19, 2006
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Added new link to see all the photos at
Huge price reduction to $790 for a limited time (you are getting 10 autographs and 46 photos - see list in original post and in the video).

The photos are still available (but the signed one sheet by 31 and signed lobby card set by 35 have been sold)