FS OT Original Gremlins movie poster signed by Director Joe Dante + D*ck Miller

Jul 19, 2006
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Original theater one sheet movie poster (measures 27 x 41) for Gremlins produced by Steven Spielberg. Bottom of poster says advance one sheet and has the NSS #

This is NOT a reproduction movie poster. Original movie poster one sheet. Folded as per original theater use. Has original theater wear such as some creases - see photos. I purchased this from a theater manager UNSIGNED.

I later had the opportunity to have it signed in person by actor ( rebelscum won't allow me to write his name D*cK ) **** Miller (who is sadly deceased) and Director Joe Dante (See photos from signing).

Signed by

1) Director Joe Dante - "To Jeff Beast Wishes Joe Dante"

2) actor (rebelscum won't allow me to write his name D*cK )**** Miller (sadly deceased) - "Jeff Best Wishes **** Miller"

If you don't want the inscriptions, there are restoration companies that will remove most inscriptions from movie posters such as Studio C. You can google them to find out more.

shipped priority insured with tracking and signature delivery in the Continental U.S. (Free shipping for Rebelscum members).

Rebelscum gallery is randomly flipping photos upside down for some reason - don't know why.
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