OT: Official Pix: Jean-Claude Van Damme & Bolo Yeung Signings

Chris Wyman

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Nov 30, 2005
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Clermont, FL USA

Jean-Claude Van Damme is one the biggest action stars in the world and we are offering fans the first ever Pre-Order & Send-In for him! Please note, we are LIMITED on the amount of pieces we can take for this signing. You can now mail your own items in or select from more than 60 different Pre-Order items. CGC Signature Series options are also available for your personal comic books & magazines. This offering for Jean-Claude is for Signature Only. No Personalization, Character Names or Quotes are allowed.

We're also happy to offer the legendary Bolo Yeung once more who is the perfect pairing with Jean-Claude playing the villain in both Bloodsport & Double Impact! You can start and finish some amazing pieces with these two. Personalization & Character Names are available for Bolo.

Orders will be taken through Wednesday, February 12th and all Send-In items must arrive to us by Monday, February 17th. Click here to secure yours now!