FS OT Limited + Rarely Seen Signed Night of the Living Dead photo Truck mannequin

Jul 19, 2006
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$250 plus $20 shipping/insurance/tracking/signature delivery. Paypal only.

One signed 8x10 limited produced photo that is rarely seen from Night of the Living Dead.

Rare image of the truck explosion production photo that shows the mannequin in the truck. Signed by Regis Survinski (Special effects technician) who did the truck explosion.
Sadly now deceased.

The letter that accompanies the photo is from his daughter. She reproduced the original photo and had her father (Regis Survinski) sign these - So this photo isn't a vintage original photo (but is one of the 47 copies she made of the vintage original photo from 1968 for the release of Night of the Living Dead) - As she stated in the letter, which is included with the photo, "as of this writing 47 signed copies of the truck production photo that show the mannequin."

She also states in the letter : "This photo has been archived but it is not one made available to the public at horror conventions."

Other parts of the letter have been blurred to prevent duplication.

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