Ohio Finds Part 12

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Aug 6, 2003
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Re: Ohio Finds

seroquel said:
Hi, I'm new here.

Anyway, thanks to the tip from darth_sidious I was able to get the last VTAC Bespin Luke at the Chapel Hill TRU yesterday. They still had them all but Lukes and Snowtroopers.

Also, at the Macedonia Target they didn't have any VTAC, but they had some Order 66 on clearance. And I saw Biggs pilot, and Han Gunner, and Luke Yavin. Didn't buy any, so if you need those, check it out.

ALSO....I don't plan on buying any more SW this year, so now I have a Galactic Hunt sticker thingie I don't need. If anyone wants the sticker and order form that came with Bespin Luke, it's up for grabs. Just PM me. First person that PMs me and wants it, it's yours if you send me a SASE.

I just hope that helps out my fellow Ohioans!!

(done with SW...but can't wait for the 25th GI Joes!!)
Welcome aboard - glad you were able to score the VTAC figure you wanted. Hope to hear more from you - we're running low on local posters.
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