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Anyone have a DTF or VC Aurra Sing? Don't need any accessories. Would trade for anything in my WTT thread. Thanks.
Hey, Folks. I'm looking for the torso armor from the 2006 Saga General Veers figure. Can anyone help? I'd be willing to buy or trade. Thanks,
Anyone have the following parts?

arms from the black series Han Carbonite figure
lower body from the 06 ANH Han Solo,
lower body from black series or 30th anniversary Luke Yavin
Potj han bespin lower body
Torture rack Han arms

I think that’s it for now.
Will trade any three figs on my "Haves" list for this part from a TVC or DTF Aurra Sing. That's three TBS Emperor's Royal Guards, three TBS Praetorian Guards, or mix and match your choice. I accidentally created an unsightly flat uniboob while removing the molded neckline on mine, and now it mocks me. :'( Any help appreciated!

Big thanks to darth_sidious and yodashizzle for hooking me up with the Aurra Sing parts!

Looking for some bits for other projects:

- Pelvis & legs from the TVC Villains three-pack Snaggletooth
- Stormtrooper (specifically the head) from the ToysRUs exclusive TBS "Battle On Endor" pack -- Really need a flesh-cast Stormie head for a spacer upgrade.

Will trade liberally from the "Haves" list in my WTT thread for either the specific parts listed or the entire figure(s). Thanks!
Weird story.

A while back, I bought a comic pack Luke from Tunghori as bare-armed custom fodder. Disassembled it today, and found that the upper right arm and shoulder joint disk/peg were cast as one solid piece. Obviously no shoulder articulation. :(


Anyway, now I'm looking for another Luke to mutilate (or at least the right arm, hand unimportant). If you've got one to spare, take a look at my WTT thread and LMK. Thanks!

Edited to add: Alternatively, a comic pack Talon Karrde would be great, too.
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Is there anyone that casts modern Star Wars weapons anywhere?
I lost my 2 Blurrg pistols but they only come with Hera figures.
Does anyone have a Darth Maul TVC hood, or any other kind of closed hood?

I’m also looking for one or two plastic Greedo vests! :)
I’m looking for the shoulder pauldron from either the 6” First Order Stormtrooper Officer or the 6” First Order Snowtrooper Officer. Thanks in advance for any help!
Anyone have a spare set of Poe Dameron X-wing pilot gloved hands? 6 inch Black Series figure.

Edit - Found a cheap figure on ebay.
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Am needing the Electro Staff weapons from the TCW Magnaguard figure. Any help would be appreciated.
These are from a while back, thus Hasbro doesn’t carry them anymore.
Does anyone have or know somewhere I can find decal sheets that Hasbro made for either one of these 2 Jedi Starfighters:
1)Aayla Secura’s Jedi Starfighter which came with no decals.
2)Obi-Wan’s ROTS White/Blue Jedi Starfighter(which he flew to Utapau) that was continually packed with the wrong stickers(they were packed w/the stickers that go with Anakin’s Yellow ROTS Starfighter)
im going to email & ask him, unfortunately on his website he only has the decals for Anakin’s Yellow version and Obi-Wan’s Maroon version for ROTS style Jedi Starfighters. That’s why I’m trying every avenue & trying to turn over every rock in hopes of finding these.
I just search for images and print them out to scale. That is how I got my 3.75 scale fast food cartons, ciggies and package labels.
If anyone is looking for some 6” and 3.75” capes I’ve launched a website

I’ve earned some extra free time due to a lay-off as well so lmk if there’s something you’ve been wanting to make and I’m happy to collaborate.
I'm really looking for a few pieces to make my old POTF2 Millennium Falcon and X Wing a bit more complete for shelf display - I'd even be happy with 3D printed/resin repro parts

Canopy/cockpit - the glass isn't super important
Ramp and struts

X-Wing - Wing guns and Canopy

I found some eBay but its like I can only find one part or the other but from different sellers - feel like I'd be spending more on shipping than the actual items - and it seems like original parts or even vintage parts are kinda on the pricey side - honestly want to get by as cheap as I can - but if I could find some sweet custom versions that would be cool too. I just don't want to spend as much as the toy was new for a few pieces
Figure I'll try a wanted list here, see if anything turns up... looking to trade/buy the following parts. I found a shoebox full of vintage and POTJ2 parts while going through my shed...guess I had stocked up on custom fodder way more than I remembered. So have got parts to trade (can take photo tomorrow).

Damaged figures are fine, as long at the parts I need are good...repros or currently retros are good for the vintage SW parts listed, as well

-Vintage Obi-Wan Torso (if anyone has one split)
-Vintage Anakin Skywalker full figure
-Vintage Yoda and his belt
-Vintage R5-D4 (no sticker needed)

Looking for this whole body, no head needed. Parts are fine...
Marauder Operative Suit:
-Need the Torsos off these figures...bodies are fine, torsos are the must. Listed in desired preference order
Bruce Wayne:
Bruce Wayne.jpg
Marauder Dress Shirt:
s-l1600 (6).jpg
Agent J MIB:
Agent J MIB.jpg
Alan Grant Jurassic Park:
Alan Grant Jurrasic Park.jpg

Also looking for the hands off this figure:

And the left hands off these figures:
s-l1600 (1).jpg
s-l1600 (3).jpg
s-l1600 (5).jpg
Going through my tubs, here's the custom fodder I stumbled upon so far...couple of missing limbs makes me think I missed some parts...these had gotten scattered in the tub...regardless, way more than I thought I had
thumbnail (18).jpg
thumbnail (17).jpg
thumbnail (16).jpg

Also need a 3.75" black series/ROTJ vintage style carbonite Han...just the block...either or

I bought a Saga one by mistake!
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No longer need the Bruce Wayne, Agent J, Carbonite Block or AOTC Anakin hands listed above.

Also, found a few more for the trade pile...
thumbnail (19).jpg
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Updated Needs:

-Marauder business suit...headless is fine, torso only is color doesn't matter

-Vintage Obi-Wan Torso and legs...or full figure...needs to be able to stand on his own, the one I picked up has warped feet and falls
-Vintage Anakin Skywalker full figure
-Vintage R5-D4 (no sticker needed)
-Vintage right arm off one of these figures: Lando, Luke X-Wing, Bespin Guard (either color)...pretty much any male right arm with a bare right hand

-Comic pack Amanin with belts
-Left hand off these figures:
s-l1600 (5).jpg
s-l1600 (3) (1).jpg
s-l1600 (1) (1).jpg
I am getting into customization and I am pretty excited for this next project. We have been working on the house and there is this little nook in the entry-way. Not much could go there so I got an idea to make custom figure of my family as Jedi. I am hoping to kit-bash some Jedi bodies and heads that approximate my family members then paint to get hair color, etc. With that I am looking for some fodder (and advice or suggestions).

I would like my wife and I to be taller than the kids (twin boys and a daughter).

I was thinking VC080 padawan Anakin, padawan Zett Jukassa. As bases but they seem more rare and finding a girl head to fit might be tricky. I am also considering adult Jedi bodies that are on the shorter side. Luke from Jedi Legacy pack or any other Jedi on that body I believe it has been used a few times for my boys. Bultar Swan from the Jedi Legacy pack (this head may work well with a paint job as well) or Jedi Leia from the comic pack for my daughter. If you have these available or other ideas please let me know.

My wife:
Originally I really liked the Dark Woman for a base with a different head. I believe she is a tad short though so if I do larger bodies for the kids I would like to bump this up. Some ideas are Stass Allie, Shaak Ti, Shaak Ti (Option #2), or maybe Luminara Unduli. All would need some paint and head swaps.

Male Jedi body - there are a lot of options. Again something on the taller side if my kids are not on kids' bodies.

I have a place for cast heads and weapons but I am struggling with the bodies. I have some stuff to trade (the link in my signature is a bit out-dated FYI), I have some fodder (mostly in 1:12 scale at this point), or I could send PayPal funds. Any tips, suggestions, ideas, or fodder you might be able to share is greatly appreciated!
@ xjsn Sounds like a cool project! I'll look at some of my fodder and see if there's some stuff that might work for you, will PM you this week.
@ xjsn Sounds like a cool project! I'll look at some of my fodder and see if there's some stuff that might work for you, will PM you this week.

Thank you for checking! I really appreciate it. I am excited by this project.

I know you said you have a head guy...but if you haven't seen it, there's this site...

I have my custom fodder posted a few replies above, feel free to check it out and see if anything is of use

I saw that site while browsing late the other night (I have had really bad insomnia the last few weeks). It looks cool but $35 per head adds up fast for my family of five. Thanks for pointing it out though! I will double check your fodder and PM if anything catches my eye. Thanks for letting me know.
Hi all. Long time no see… first post in probably 10+ years. I’ve been having extreme difficulty finding what I’m looking for, and I figured I could turn to the people here for some assistance! I’m looking for Mandalorian stuff in the 3 ¾ inch, 1:18 scale. Specifically looking for the below, but I am interested in seeing what people have:
  • Female Mandalorian chest/armor (resin casts or 3D printed) Found!
  • The Armorer helmet from the Mandalorian show (hollow or not, resin cast or 3D printed)
  • Anything for the Mandalorian Heavy Gunner (resin cast or 3D printed armor/helmet/etc.)? Found!
  • Star Wars alien species heads and hands/feet (fodder, or resin casts or 3D printed)
Please post or PM. I used to have a feedback thread here, but it may have been purged for inactivity. I’ll go look. Thanks!
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The armorer will be released later this year or 2021. The Vintage thread will have the details.