FS OFFERS INVITED Roger Moore, Lucas, Abrams, Jones, Prowse, Mayhew, Baker, Daniels, Boyega.

Sep 11, 2013
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Geordieland UK
UPDATED 18.05.20

FOR SALE : all 8x10 unless stated and have passed the expert eyes of Bendu. These items are also listed elsewhere.

I will ship ANYWHERE at exact cost.

Used a few photos from my facebook as they were already on the pc. All items are my personal property and are in hand.
No idea why some of these insisted on loading sideways, lol

Payment is by paypal friends and family - or you pay fees.

I have excellent feedback - check the link in my signature below.

First up, here is the famous first publicly released shot of George Lucas and JJ Abrams discussing Star Wars right after it was announced that JJA would be directing The Force Awakens.
With JJA due to return to the helm to complete the Skywalker saga with the upcoming Rise Of Skywalker, this will be a great addition to your collection.
Comes with the absolute rock solid provenance of being obtained in person by the wonderful K9. Pops lovely in hand. £400 UK Pounds

George Lucas £300 UK Pounds. Try getting him these days!

John Boyega £120 UK Pounds SOLD

The wookie roars no more
An absolute cherry by his standards.
Peter Mayhew £150 UK Pounds

Dave Prowse & James Earl Jones dual signed normal sized postcard.
Dave no longer signs and JEJ is an extremely rare best these days.
£150 UK Pounds

Anthony Daniels £80 UK Pounds

Kenny Baker OPIX shielded photo. VERY sought after. £130 UK Pounds SOLD

Kenny Baker normal sized postcard £80 UK Pounds

Kenny Baker cut, posted to a board with small photo. Board size is 8x10. (I have shown a piece of matt to show what could be done with this).
Either use a piece of matt and you're done, or you have the option to cut it form the board and make a Baker index sized cut -
great for completing a project and something you very rarely see. £110 UK Pounds.

Roger Moore, famous as 007, but FAR rarer and far better as The Saint. £130 UK Pounds

I have excellent feedback check it out by following the link in my signature below.
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