Notifications in my Sent Mailbox not working?

Apr 28, 2012
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Orange County, New York
Regarding Private Messages:
According to the Icon Legend, my Sent Mail should be able to identify to me whether it is Unread, Read, Replied-to, or Forwarded.
However, every Sent item shows the Icon for a Read Message, which is the plain white envelop. Even the second after I send something, that message will appear with the Icon that it was Read. I even tested it by sending myself a Private Message. I hadn't opened it yet in my Inbox, but my Sent Mail showed it as having been Read.
In my Inbox, the Icons seem to function properly. I see different Icons.

By showing the same Read Icon and never an Unread Icon, I can't tell if anyone I'm talking to has actually read my replies or not. Because they never say Unread, even seconds after I've sent them.

Am I simply misunderstanding the way things work, or is it possible that this feature isn't working properly?

Also, is there any way to tell when someone I've sent a Private Message or a reply to, has deleted the message on their end?
On a different message board I use, if you create the Private Message to someone and they delete it, you are notified that they've left. If they create the Private Message and they delete it, it all disappears on your end. Either way, you know when the person you were talking to has left.
Right now I can't tell the difference between someone deleting the Private Message, they haven't Read it yet, or they have Read it but haven't and maybe don't intend to reply back.

Thanks for your time.