New York Comic Con 2012

Dec 26, 2007
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From TFW

Panel started.

Welcomed everyone, yay clapping.

Showing a TF Prime season 2 so far video.

Talking about how to keep TF Prime so epic week after week. -- Not a lot of sleep. More you do, better it gets, etc etc.

Showing clip of tomorrows episode.

Omega Keys, red Energon, Starscream talking to himself about having bargaining power.

Talking about the villains of the show. How they are fun, deep in lore, background.

Showing a villains video reel.

Season 3 teaser video. Beast Hunters.

Shockwave presents Megatron, his liege, the ultimate Autobot hunter. Dragon walks out, everyone has a WTF look on face in scene. Huge. That was Predaking from yesterday we assume. Did not show the dragon, just shadows and toenails.

Beasts are the Predacons. They were Cybertron's "Dinosaurs". Ancient race of Cybertronians. Wiped out in a great cataclysm.

Beast Hunters toys now.

99% leak free!

Mini Predacons.

Advanced Defense Armor
Energon Camoflauge
Upgraded Weaponry.

Legions Class
Beast Hunters Bumblebee. Spikey Armor.
Predacon - Twinstrike
--Dual headed. Piston Hammer/Cannon. Yellow/Blue.
All have diesel weapons.

Commander Class

Bulkhead, roadbuster colors.
Predaking, with cybervenom rocket. Not combiner. Single character.
Robot mode not show.
3rd commander coming, not shown today.

Cyberverse Vehicles
Beast Capture Claw
Comes with blue/yellow redeco of Smokescreen.

Apex armor with Breakdown. In green though, bulkheady green. Doesnt look like show.

Deluxe scale.

Beast Hunters Bumblebee. Lots of weapons attached to vehicle modes. Hawk Bow, 6 projectiles. Spikey helmet, shoulders, feet. Same general colors.

Soundwave w/ Thundertalon weapon. Comes with ravage. Spikey additions.

Wheeljack with Falcon Spear weapon. Again, beefy spikey version of existing WJ.

Predacon - Lazerback. W toxic strike blaster weapon. Looks like RID (2001) Bruticus dog, but with a single bird head.


Predaking with Hydrafire Blasters.

Use weapons in robot mode, or attach in beast mode to create 3 headed Hydra.

2nd Voyager planned, not shown today.

Beast Hunters packaging. Similar to PRID. Single art background, smaller art of fig on front bubble. White/Orange tone. Card bubbles will be multi size since beasts are big.

Mini storyline inserted to all cards and classes instruction sheets, to tell story of the beast hunters and their weapons.

Kre-O up now.

Beast Hunters Kre-O

Ripclaw with 2 Kreons.

Bumblebee with Skystalker and 2 kreons. 4x4 jeep. Skystalker is a blue dragon bird.

Figure packs. Trail(breaker)cutter vs Grimwing.

Windcharger vs Corhada. G1 WC vs Snakey looking thing.

Generations now.

Transformers Generations - PLATINUM EDITION.

Limited edition exclusives. Special packaging.

Omega Supreme. Energon mold. Repainted to look like G1. Dead on awesome looking. New claw tool. New head tool.

This is a Year of the Snake exclusive.

Year of the Snake Optimus. Energon Optimus in G1 Colors.

Packaging is completely foil. Flap open. Like G1 reissue boxes. But for Omega Supreme.

Amazon and BBTS exclusives in states.

Now - Partnerships.

IDW. Rage of the Dinobots. After the Fall (of Cybertron). Before the Hunt (Beast Hunters). Prequel of S3 TFP show.

Pack in comics with Generations figures.

Transformers Legends digital game. Showing art. Looks purdy.

Panel done. QNA now. Gonna do pictures now. Will only update if they drop bombs.
Apr 7, 2009
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Cincinnati, home of Kenner!
New packaging- Hate it, just hate it.

Beast Formers- I'm liking them actually.

Potential new changes to character designs of Bee, Soundwave, etc- Kill me. DOTM wreckers plus ugly G2 colors equals those.

Omega Supreme- MUST BUY! Finally a good Classics Omega!

Fatimus Prime- Meh... maybe.