New Vintage Categories

May 18, 2002
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As you all know, we've made a few changes to the boards and to help make things transition a little more smoothly for everyone, we've come up with some helpful guidelines to ensure everyone understands the changes and properly places their new topics in the correct forum (and guys, no being hardheaded and purposely putting stuff in the wrong places. You know who you are.

The Toys Category
-This is where the bulk of the discussion will still take place. All Kenner (and their foriegn licensees) action figure items can be discussed here. This includes all manner of prototypes and pre-production material, store displays, 12" figures, plush, FOTW related threads, etc. OT and community related threads should still be posted here as well. The DT and VC Jawa Discussion stickies may remain here or be moved to the Watch Out! section and broken up into individual stickies, pending the consensus of the community.

The Other Collectibles Category
-Any other manner of vintage collectibles can be discussed here. Bascially, if it isn't under the toys section of the Tomart's book (with a handful of exceptions, of course), it's fair game here. A new non-toys resource sticky will be coming soon.

The Watch Out! Category
-This is where all discussion about fakes, recards, reseals and any other dubious items is to take place. Also, bad eBay dealers and known scammers can be discussed here. All eBay related threads are to be posted in this category as well - this includes funny ha ha auctions and fishy auctions. Members are still not permitted to link to their own eBay auctions.

The Limelighting and Display Category
-Pretty self-explanatory here. If you have collection pictures to share, a new acquisition you want to show off, or just want to discuss various display techniques, this is the forum to do so in.

The Classifieds
Buy, sell, trade any manner of vintage Star Wars collectibles - toys and non-toys. Members are still not permitted to link to their own eBay auctions.

All AFA discussion, vintage and modern, will now take place in a new dedicated AFA Discussion Forum found under the general toys and collectibles section.

Of course this is going to be a work in progress so please bear with us. Naturally, some things may still yet change in regards to these basic guidelines and as we progress forward and find out that some things may be better suited to a different category. I know that the change is going to be hard to get accustomed to at first but with everyone's cooperation, participation and effort i'm sure we'll all find these changes will help enhance the community.

If you can think of any other confusing problems resulting from this, please post them here and we can address them and incorporate them into these guidelines and appropriate new sections.