New Trade/Sell List for 1-30

Jan 18, 2004
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With all the new additions I have made recently trading, I need to make some room. Here is what I am offering for trade/sell. Please note these prices do not include shipping. Buyer to pay actually shipping --but none of that handling overcharged crap-- pay exact shipping, no more.


I have a large set of Loose, Mint Complete Simpsons WOS figures and Playsets I need to get rid of to make room for my new Star Wars purchases. Since this is a SW site, I will not list it all, but I am willing to sell it very cheap. It includes many of the early series such as Living Room with Marge and Nuclear Power Plant with Radioactive Homer. If you are interested, PM and I will send you a list.

Star Wars:
POTF2 Electronix FX X-Wing Loose,Complete Mint with original packaging materials (box, instructions, etc.) 20.00

Anakin's Podracer Loose, Mint Complete 8.00

Complete set of Princess Leia Collection 2 packs MOMC:

Leia and R2
Leia and Han
Leia and Luke
Leia and Wicket All 4 for 15.00

Electronic F/X Darth Vader MOMC 5.00
Electronic F/X Obi Wan Kenobi MOMC 5.00
(if someone buys both I will sell them for 9.00)

Have both a MOMC 9.00
and a Loose, Mint, Complete 7.50

SAGA TaunTaun (from the ToysRUs Hoth 4 pack) loose, mint, complete 4.00

SAGA MOMC McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper (saber down) 8.00

Loose Mint Complete Clone Wars Durge 4.00
Loose Mint Aayla Secura with light saber and force effect 2.00

12 inch scale Jawa (older cloth version) mint, loose, complete 5.00

Star Wars Galaxies Limite Collector's Edition PC computer game (still factory sealed) and a DVD (laserdisc transfer bought overseas) of Star Wars-- original version, not special edition.


Final Duel Cinema scene (loose complete with Luke, Vader, Emperor, Base) 4.00

Star Wars CCG 1st Priemere Edition Black Border set. I collected these in college for the pictures. They are all in mint condition. Consist of 2 starter decks and around 12 to 15 booster packs. I will not waste space listing them, but none have been removed (have no idea whats worth what). Willing to sell cheap. Will list cards if serious offer made.

McFarlane Toys

Deluxe Alien Queen with Hive Base Loose, Mint, complete with box if desired 12.00

Fat ******* MOMC (with Fat ******* on card, not the politically correct version-- Fat Man released to most stores) 8.00

Matrix Morpheus Loose, Mint Complete (first version with base samurai sword and guns) 4.00

Starting Lineup '97 Griffey Jr. MOMC 3.00
Starting Lineup Derek Jeter/Rey Ordonez Rookie 2 pack MOMC 5.00

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