new teebo



I know most people dont care about the ewok figures, but i must say the new teebo figure is absolutely amazing. I think its one of the best figures ever made. (Definitely the best ewok) I just purchased a c8+ carded vintage teebo, I just needed the horn and axe, it doesnt come close to the new one, they dont even look the same ewok.

Feb 20, 2002
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The new Teebo is a Power of the Jedi figure, so this should've been posted in the POTJ forum instead.

But since you asked, I think the new Teebo is a great figure, except that they didn't come close to getting his white stripes near pronounced enough. They should be thicker, whiter, and more abundant - just check out his picture on the card. I'm also a little bummed they couldn't paint his head piece at all or even give it the couple more teeth in the front that it should have. Otherwise, I dig the little guy! Give us a few more ewoks now, huh Hasbro?!


i was looking at my new carded return of the jedi teebo, and i realized that one didnt look like the teebo from the movie either. it seems both kenner and hasbro are having a tough time with this ewok. (at least getting it to match the movie). Once again i will state how cool i think the the potj teebo is.