New Droid Factory Figures Arriving In Disney Parks


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Aug 21, 2021
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Greetings, Rebelscum! Reports are coming in that the following new Droid Factory droids are being found in the Disney Parks as well as Shop Disney:

Star Wars Halloween Droid Factory Figure Set (Currently sold out online, but keep checking)
Have a Happy Halloween with this set of four spooky themed droids! Straight from the droid factory, this set includes R2-B00, R3-B0017, R4-B0018, and R5-B0019 - each with their own Halloween inspired design.
  • Set of four fully sculpted Halloween droid figures
  • R2-B00: black droid with orange, green, and purple details and a bat wing topper
  • R3-B0017: glow-in-the-dark green droid
  • R4-B0018: candy corn colored droid
  • R5-B0019: black droid with skeleton suit design and bat wing topper

R7-FNG Halloween Droid Factory Figure (Currently in stock online with free shipping)
Tech or treat! Celebrate Halloween with this spooky-themed droid figure. Straight from the droid factory, R7-FNG was optimized for the desolate environments of Exegal and features a glow-in-the-dark head for easy navigation through the darkest parts of the galaxy.
  • Fully sculpted R7-FNG droid figure
  • Glow-in-the-dark head detail

B2EMO Droid Factory Figure – Star Wars: Andor (Currently sold out online, but keep checking)
Meet B2EMO, a groundmech salvage assist unit that has been helping the Andor family for years. Join B2EMO in their adventures in the Disney+ series Star Wars: Andor and don't forget to never underestimate a droid.
  • Fully sculpted B2EMO droid figure
  • Inspired by Star Wars: Andor on Disney+
What do you think about this latest round of Droid Factory figures? Do you like the holiday-inspired droids, or do you prefer to collect droids that are represented in the Star Wars universe? Let us know below!

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