Need vintage (loose and MOC)



Hello all. Well, the title pretty much says it all. Here's anything I'm looking for, and what I'll be willing to pay for it:

Loose Complete- $5 to about $10, more for POTF.

Loose Incomplete- $3-$5, more for POTF.

Loose Damaged- $1-$5 for figures with heavy paint wear, missing a hand, etc. More for POTF.

MOC ROTJ- $10 on up to about $20-$25, though I do not need Fortuna or Emperor.

Loose vintage accessories- LMK with a price. I could really use some Han and Stormtrooper guns.

Please, someone help me build up my vintage figure collection. Also, please include how mcuh you want for any figures.

Mr Wooglethorp

PS- The MOC figures only need to have bubble and figure inside, though I would prefer about a C5 on up card.
Jul 15, 2000
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I think I tried this before but here goes:

I have a box full of incomplete vintage figures, some of them good some of them bad.

If you are interested in a list email me, if I already tried this then disregard this post.